Terms of Use

Introduction to our Terms and Services

 1.          Our users acknowledge that every time they access our website www.JustJobsng.com (hereinafter “Website”) or mobile applications (hereinafter “Apps”):

 (a)         They are aware of the Cookies Policy and Privacy Policy displayed on our Website and Apps;

  (b)       They agree to the terms and conditions and Terms of Service (hereinafter “Agreement”) with all our entities, including our Websites and Apps.

 2.         All references of www.Jusjobsng.com, JUSTJOBSNG, or “Company” or “we” in this Agreement shall refer to all the associated entities.

 3.         Our Website is intended for the use of job seekers individuals and/or institutions and/or organizations seeking to offer employment opportunities to such job seekers

 4.         Users acknowledge that our Company owns a copyright in the Website and Apps.

 5.         Our Company has every right to make alterations to this Agreement after informing users of all changes made to it by means of Notifications published on the Website and the           Apps. The continued use of our Website, App, and products following such changes indicates the user’s acceptance of the terms dictated therein. The term “Last Updated” denotes the date on which the terms were last updated.

 General Terms of Service

 Last Updated: December 23rd, 2021

  A.        Terms of Service for Job Seekers

 The terms entailed in the following paragraphs are applicable for all individuals seeking to apply for jobs offered by employers on our Website and App. These users agree to abide by these terms while making information available regarding opportunities and vacancies for themselves as well on behalf of others. Every reference to “you” or “your” shall indicate references made to individuals while acting in the capacity as a jobseeker.

 1.          Advertisements and listings on our website

     1.1     Our Company charges is available for free for all Job Seekers

      1.2   Users acknowledge that we may publish advertisements or opportunities that would contain hyperlinks to different third-party websites.

 1.3        These advertisements represented on the website, through our search results or elsewhere are designed by third parties. Hence, we have no control over the content of these advertisements. We are not responsible for the accuracy of any listing or other information displayed on advertisements. Our Company has no liability for such content uploaded by third-parties. Users must exercise their own discretion before acting on the claims contained in such advertisements or listings.

     1.4    Further, we may use certain terms to narrow down results displayed by our search engine. These are classifications that are independently generated by us and we do not assume   any responsibility for the use of these terms to understand the exact job profile. Job seekers are expected to use their independent judgment before going ahead with exploring and narrowing down on a job opportunity.  The search engine is only a tool of convenience intended to make your search quicker and easier and at no point should it be construed to be a tool intended to suggest which job is best for you.   

 2.         Users’ Resumes

     2.1    Users acknowledge that they understand these terms of use while uploading a public resume on our website. This public resume authorizes us to publicly display, match and facilitate the interview process by an employer that matches the description and content on the job seeker’s resume. We do not assume any responsibility or liability for the resume and the user’s application sent from the Website. Any inaccurate or false information provided by the jobseeker will solely be his/her liability.

     2.2    The description(s) and content(s) on the job seeker’s resume may trigger relevant recommendations and emails as a part of our services offered to users.  Users may wish to unsubscribe from such mails by clicking on the hyperlink provided in these mails.

 3.         Terms pertaining to job applications on our website

     3.1    All Personal Data provided by a job seeker on his/her resume including but not limited to name, address, phone numbers etc. are subject to this Agreement along with our Privacy Policy. As a part of services offered to all users, we may use content and information pertaining to job seekers’ application in order to comprehend and process their interest in a job listed by employers.

     3.2    Continued use of our website indicates job seeker’s acknowledgment to assemble information and content on their behalf at the time of application for a matching job listed by an employer. Further, users also consent that their application and content uploaded by them will be forwarded to the employer and will be as per this Agreement read with our Company’s Full Privacy Policy.

     3.3    Our Company does not verify the validity of a job offer. It is solely the job seekers’ liability to contact the employer and ascertain accuracy of the same. 

     3.4    Job seeker users further consent and agree to the fact that resumes which match with search results initiated by the employer would be given preference and presented differently from the ones that do not match with the search results. We may also use any of the above-mentioned information for the purpose of improving the Website/ App.

 4.         Your Data as a Job seeker

     4.1    Actions undertaken by a user seeking job on our Website generates certain data such as location and nature of jobs, experience level of the job seeker, amount of time spent by the user on the Apps and the Website etc. Users agree to the terms that these data are associated to user profiles created for such users by our Company. Once users create an account and/or upload a resume, they agree to the terms that our Company may use this data to understand their behavior and manner of usage of our Website. However, it is important to note that none of the actions discussed above include information sent to users by third parties.

     4.2    Additionally, our Company shares all the detailed information mentioned in a user’s resume when it is set to public display. The user however has the option to change this from the Settings option and alter it to Private mode of display instead.  

     5.     Information supplied by our Company

 5.1        Certain types of data and/ or information provided by our Website are intended only for informational purposes. These are estimates prepared on the basis of user inputs and therefore have varying levels of accuracy and may change with different inputs.

 5.2        Estimations of salary may also be included on the job listings website and the purpose of these information is to provide an estimate to job seekers.  As stated above, these are only for a general comparison and vary with time since they are dependent on inputs of multiple parties.

 5.3        Users must consult the employer directly to verify data pertaining to minimum wages, as they may differ on the basis of location or other factors.

 6.         Continued Use

     Users acknowledge that they understand that compliance to terms and conditions presented herein are mandatory for their continued use of the Website and all our products.

 7.         Terms of use for minors

     Our Company has not created this Website for the use of minors i.e. below 18 years. On the basis of the age of majority determined by the jurisdiction from where you are accessing the website, you must use our Website/App or other products while acting under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian.

 8.         Rules for Using Our Website

     8.1    Unless you have a specific written agreement with our company, you are not allowed to use any interface other than the one that has been provided by us. Further, none of your activities should result in disrupting our Website and/or our servers.

     8.2    You will not use any of our services or products to copy and replicate them for commercial use. Facilitating fake information by users is their sole responsibility and our Company holds no responsibility pertaining to the same. Further, by your use of the Website it is deemed that you accept these terms. No unsolicited emails will be sent by users and/or spam persons who have specifically intimated their preference of not being contacted. Further, users also agree not to upload or distribute any defamatory, obscene, or unlawful matter. We reserve every right to restrict and/or stop the upload of such content.

 9.         Indemnification

     Users hereby agree to indemnify our Company, its entities, agents and affiliates, licensors from all third-party claims or liabilities arising from the breach of these terms.

 B.         Terms of Service for Employers

 The terms entailed in the following paragraphs are applicable for all entities that offer employment to jobseekers on our Website and App. These users agree to abide by these terms while making information available regarding opportunities and vacancies for themselves as well on behalf of others. Every reference to “you” or “your ” shall indicate references made to organizations and individuals while acting in the capacity of an Employer.

 1.          Employer Accounts

 1.1         When users create an employer account on our Website or App, they agree that the advertisements or job listings or third-party links posted by them will have to adhere to the terms of this Agreement in addition to our Cookies Policy and Privacy Policy.

 1.2        Users signing up on our Website and App with an employer account also agree that such an account is solely for business use and not for their personal use. We will not be liable for improper use of e-mail by third party entities. Employers also agree to receive requisite mails from our Company pertaining to their activity on our Website or other informational messages regarding the same.  We reserve the right to drop any fake or incomplete or inaccurate email used by the user.

 1.3        Several accounts registered on our website representing the same employer should be designated with different roles by the Administrator or primary account holder (hereinafter “Admin”) for that employer account. Further, such Admins represent that they hold the authority to undertake such decisions on behalf of the employers. By the use of their accounts, Admins agree to these terms and hereby indemnify our Company from all expenses, costs, damages and liabilities owing to loss of data and inappropriate information being shared.

 1.3        Employers have the responsibility to notify any change of address undertaken by their company. Further, if there is a change in jurisdiction at the time of change of address, such employer accounts will continue to be governed under the laws of the previous address for the rest of the month. The change of jurisdiction due to the new address will be implemented from the beginning of the next month. 

     2.     Services offered to employers

 2.1        Employers agree that in order to match their requirements, we may have to use information stored in their account and communicate the same to job seekers. We will make use of search tools, algorithms and functions to facilitate this service to employers as well as job seekers.

 2.2        Employers agree that by their use of the tools on our App and/or Website, they indicate their acknowledgement that they are allowed to take decisions regarding functions pertaining to the interview of jobseekers etc. Employers further agree that the use of the services offered by our Website and/or App indicates the user’s acceptance to these terms regarding access of materials uploaded by job seekers including but not limited to answers, documents, resume among others.

 2.3        All contents uploaded on the employer profile by the user is solely the responsibility of the employer. Our Company reserves the right to remove any content or job listing uploaded by the user if found to be inappropriate.

 2.4        Users agree that our company may make attempts to identify spam messages and applications and users agree that we have the right to follow certain procedures like making cover letters in applications mandatory. We do not seek identity proof from the job seekers; hence users recognize the fact that our company will not be liable for verification of applicants’ identities.

 2.5        Users also agree that screening questions used in the application process are solely framed by employers and our company plays no role in the same. Additionally, when users instruct to record job seekers’ responses to questions, they agree that our Company will merely be a facilitator in this regard and has no role to play in the content of such answers. Any analysis or listening to recordings uploaded by jobseekers are subject to and in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

 2.6        Employers agree to indemnify our Company and its agents from liabilities and/or third-party claims emanating from the content created by employers. We may display advertisements and certain functions for better services to our users, such as job analytics, derived from the inputs of employees indicated in company pages.

 2.7        We also reserve the right to suspend or cancel your account for violation of these terms or non-compliance under existing laws or non-payment of outstanding dues. 

 3.         Our services of job matching

 3.1        Users agree to the terms that we may use all content uploaded by job seekers on their accounts and their behaviour on our App/Website to match with the requirements enlisted by employers. This process enables us to present relevant profiles for your requirement as described on your employer accounts.

 3.2        We may also make use of the above-mentioned information so as to make amendments to the website or our services offered. 

 4.         Pages uploaded by employer profiles

 4.1        The website is programmed to automatically create company pages at the time of posting of any advertisement or job advertisements.

 4.2        Employers hereby authorise our company to publicly display information about their company on our website. We will display this information on an “AS IS” basis. Hence users agree that they are solely liable for all content edited or put up on the employer’s Company Page.

 5.         Terms regarding Class Action

 5.1        Users acknowledge that they understand that compliance to terms and conditions presented herein are mandatory for their continued use of the Website and all our products. Users hereby agree not to sue our Company or take part as an opposite party in any way, i.e. either as a class plaintiff or class representative, class member in any class-action lawsuit against our company.

 Notwithstanding anything mentioned above, nothing limits the users’ rights to file a lawsuit against our Company in the capacity of an individual plaintiff.

     6.     Governing Law and Dispute Resolution

 All disputes arising from the Website or out of this Agreement and/or in connection to this Agreement (“Dispute”) will be governed by and under the laws of The Federal Republic of Nigeria.

  All the Parties to this Agreement consent to the jurisdiction of the Nigerian courts located in Nigeria.

 8.         Indemnification

 Users hereby agree to indemnify our Company, its entities, agents and affiliates, licensors from all third-party claims or liabilities arising from the breach of these terms.


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