1. Introduction

A brief summary of the Full Privacy Policy has been created in order to provide our users with a brief outline of the process in which we deal with their information. An elaborated version of this policy is set forth in our Full Privacy Policy, which users must refer to in order to obtain an exhaustive description of our practices with respect to the information collected by our organization (hereinafter “Company”). All the defined terms are captured in our Full Privacy Policy.

2. Who is responsible for your information?

(i) If you are a job seeker: As an aggregator, we will have limited oversight into the information that is sought by your prospective employer. We accept full responsibility for the information that is provided to us, and we will process such information in accordance with the extant law and our internal protocols. However, it needs to be noted that we will have little or no control over the information you pass on to your prospective employer. Hence it will be necessary that you read and understand the Terms of Use that govern the information that you provide to your prospective employer.

(ii) If you are an employer: As an employer, you continue to be responsible for all information obtained from your prospective employees. You need to ensure that your prospective employees sign up to a Terms of Use so that both you and your prospective employees are on the same page with respect to your rights and responsibilities. While we as an aggregator remain responsible for the information that we collect, you as a prospective employer will be governed by the extant laws in your territory on the seeking and receipt of personal information that could have data privacy implications in your territory of operation.

3. What information do we collect about you?

We collect the following information from our users:

(i) Details submitted by you as a user of our website, like resume files, contact information, location, etc.

(ii) Details collected from user’s responses on our Website e.g. information from search strings and job links accessed etc so that we can make it easier and quicker for you to access what you need.

(iii) Details collected when you apply to jobs, use screener or assessment questions or automated phone screening, or log in from third-party sites; and

(iv). Particulars submitted by employers for verification and account information required for billing purposes.

The complete set of types of Personal Data (defined in the Full Privacy Policy) collected from users have been set out in the Full Privacy Policy.

4. Why do we collect this information?

Our Company collects and uses information collected from users in the following manner:

(i) To improve user experience on our website while assisting job seekers in finding relevant jobs.

(ii) To improve user experience on our website while assisting employers in finding candidates.

(iii) To improve services offered by the Company.

To sum up, our Company uses Personal Data of users to:

(i) Send you timely job alerts;

(ii) Provide search results and job recommendations based on your expertise, skills, experience, interests, and search history;

(iii) If you are a jobseeker we make your resume available based on the privacy settings that you have used and shared with organizations and individuals such information that is intended to be shared;

(iv). Identify fraudulent activities, spamming, and other potentially disruptive or illegal activities;

(v). Facilitate payment, if you are an Employer;

(vi). Automate processes to eliminate repetitive efforts;

(vii) Provide an enhanced and optimized user experience;

(viii) Share data with our Affiliated Entities and Affiliated Websites (Affiliated Entities and

Affiliated Websites more fully described in the Full Privacy Policy);

More details of the purposes for using your Personal Data is set out in sections 4, 5 and 9 of our Full Privacy Policy.

5. Who is this information shared with?

Users’ information is shared with:

(i) Our Affiliated entities and organizations;

(ii) Employers and Job Seekers;

(iii) Other service providers assisting in operations, e.g. website service providers.

Further details have been listed in our Full Privacy Policy.

6. How long do we store your information?

Our company stores Personal Data:

(i) Until you decide that the data be deleted or;

(ii) Or the data is outdated or no longer necessary to provide our services.

(iii) Or until extant laws require us to store information.

7. What are your rights with respect to your Personal Data?

Our Full Privacy Policy sets forth your rights which includes the:

(i) Right to access your Personal Data;

(ii) Right to delete your Personal Data;

(iii) Right to modify your Personal Data;

(iv) Right to object to the use of Personal Data in a specific manner.

(v) Right to withdraw consent to the use of Personal Data.

Please read the Privacy Policy for more details.

Your rights as a user may further vary depending on the jurisdiction you are accessing the website from. For example, in case you are a user from the European Union, the European General

Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be applicable to you.

8. Reaching out to us

If you need further information we will be more than happy to receive your requests and address

your concerns and queries. You can also reach us directly from the contact page of our website.

You can further reach out to our Data Protection Officer at the following email address



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