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March 15, 2022

Job Description

Malaria Consortium (26 Openings)

Malaria Consortium is one of the world’s leading non-profit organisations specialising in the comprehensive prevention, control and treatment of malaria and other communicable diseases among vulnerable and under privileged populations. We increasingly find our work on malaria can be effectively integrated with other similar public health interventions for greater impact and therefore expanded our remit to include child health and neglected tropical disease interventions.
We are recruiting to fill the position below:
Job Title: Research Consultants (Coordinator, Team Leader and Field Data Collector) – Post-Campaign Household Survey and Baseline Durability Monitoring Study
Location: Ondo
Duration: March-April, 2022.
Job Summary

We require qualified research personnel that will carry out a post-campaign household survey and baseline durability monitoring study in Ondo State

Purpose / Scope of Assignment

Malaria Consortium in collaboration with the National Malaria Elimination Programme (NMEP) implemented a campaign to distribute insecticide-treated nets (ITNs) in Ondo State in December 2021. Malaria Consortium is also implementing monitoring and evaluation (M&E) research in relation to the campaign. Both the campaign and the M&E research are funded by Good Ventures Foundation
The Ondo Net Campaign M&E Project will gather comprehensive data to assess the outcomes of the campaign in terms of ITN coverage, cost, use rates and net durability, as well as to monitor relevant epidemiological and entomological indicators such as the impact on malaria incidence rates reported from a sample of health facilities across the state, vector biting habits and insecticide resistance.
The research personnel will: (a) carry out a household survey across Ondo State after the ITN distribution campaign, and (b) gather baseline net durability data, including selection and labelling of cohort campaign nets and retrieving samples of ITNs for insecticidal effectiveness studies.

Personnel Required

Four teams of five Data Collectors and a Team Leader each, and 2 Coordinators will be required:

Coordinator (Supervisors) (2)
Team Leader (4)
Field Data Collector (20)
There will be one Household Mobiliser selected from each ward to assist the survey team (= 52 household mobilisers).

Specific Tasks

Will be in charge of two teams.
Will be required to attend training prior to the survey.
Visits assigned wards one day before the interviews according to the schedule to sensitise community leaders and select household mobilisers.
Selects an appropriate settlement in each ward according to relevant standard operating procedures (SOPs).
Coordinates household enumeration in each selected settlement and submits a list of households for sampling to be carried out remotely by assigned study investigators.
Resolves any issues reported by team leaders.
Reports to the M&E Manager who will be the overall survey coordinator.
Supports gathering of the documentation for payment of household mobilisers.
Ensures that all data are accurately collected and uploaded according to guidelines or SOPs.
Writes reports related to activities of the teams, including achievements, challenges and recommendations.

Team Leader:

Will be responsible for a team of 5 data collectors (4 for household interviews and 1 for labelling nets in cohort households, retrieving sample campaign nets from households outside the cohorts, and giving out replacement nets).
Will be required to attend training prior to the survey.
Leads the team to enumerate all households in a selected settlement assigned to the team.
Submits the list to the coordinator for a sampling of households.
Assigns each interviewer to administer interviews in four households per day.
Assigns a data collector to label cohort nets, retrieve sampled nets from non-cohort households for subsequent insecticidal effectiveness studies, and give out replacement nets.
Makes sure that the required number of replacement nets are transported to each ward daily, labelled and given out to households from which sampled nets are retrieved.
Makes sure that retrieved nets are properly labelled and handed over to Malaria Consortium staff at the end of each day.
Makes sure that work in all sampled households (in a ward) is completed every day and the team completes the work in a total of 13 wards).
Supervises the interview process and resolves any issues, working with the household mobiliser.
Ensures that the data is collected accurately and uploaded according to the relevant SOPs or guidelines.
Ensures accurate review, validation and submission of electronic data.
Supports team members to charge mobile phones using a power bank (each team leader will keep a power bank, which should be kept charged daily and as necessary).
Collects mobile devices from data collectors at the end of each day for charging and safekeeping.
Responsible for ensuring that activities of data collectors are carried out while observing COVID-19 prevention measures and keeping respondents’ data confidential.
Writes a short report on the team’s achievements, encountered challenges and recommendations.

Field Data Collector:

Will be required to attend training prior to the survey.
Enumerates households in each selected settlement in each ward.
Carries out data collection in sampled households, including obtaining written consents, administering interviews with heads of households and women 15–49 years old, collecting ITN physical integrity data by collecting data on each net owned by the household, labelling cohort nets for durability monitoring, retrieving and labelling sample nets for insecticidal effectiveness studies, and labelling and giving out new replacement nets.
Takes good care of the mobile device issued for data collection, and ensures the device’s battery is kept charged.
Uploads the data to the server at the required frequency according to relevant guidelines.
Ensures confidentiality of respondents’ personal data during and after interviews.
Reports to the team leader any issues and helps to solve problems.


Complete data from all sampled households in 52 wards were collected and uploaded (team leaders).
Cohort nets labelled (team leaders and data collectors).
Campaign nets were retrieved from non-cohort households for insecticidal effectiveness studies and handed over to Malaria Consortium staff (team leaders and data collectors).
Replacement nets are transported and given to households from which nets are retrieved for insecticidal effectiveness studies (team leaders and data collectors).
Process reports submitted by each team leader and coordinator (coordinators and team leaders).

Qualifications and experience

A Postgraduate Degree in Health Sciences.
5-7 years experience in coordinating household surveys.
Demonstrated report writing skills for quantitative studies or surveys.
Good knowledge of Yoruba and/or the Ijaw language.

Team Leader:

A minimum of a BSc Degree in the Health related discipline and Social Sciences.
At least 3-5 years experience in coordinating or conducting household surveys.
Experience in electronic data collection tools such as SurveyCTO or ODK.
Demonstrated report writing skills in English.
Excellent knowledge of Yoruba and/or the Ijaw language.

Field Data Collectors:

Experience in conducting household surveys.
A minimum of a BSc Degree in the Health related discipline and Social Sciences.
Experience in electronic data collection systems such as SurveyCTO or ODK.
Good knowledge of the English language.
Ability to give attention to detail.
Excellent proficiency in both the Yoruba and Ijaw languages.


Assigned in consultation with community leaders
Must be familiar with the community.

Total TA days:

Coordinator (Supervisor) – 22days
Team Leader – 21days
Field data collector – 20 days.

Application Closing Date
22nd March, 2022.
How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should:
Click here to apply online

Kindly note that applicants who do not follow this specification will be disqualified.
Please note that applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, therefore early applications are highly encouraged. 
Malaria Consortium does not accept or ask for payment during recruitment.
We also would not accept hardcopy CVs; all applications should be sent through the above link.

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