Cookie Policy.

Effective December 23rd, 2021

 Our company acknowledges the importance of our users’ data and we believe in the adoption of a transparent approach pertaining to all data collected and used by us. The objective of this Cookie Policy is to help you get familiarized with our approach to data from our users during their use of our services. In the upcoming paragraphs, we will outline the details of this process, i.e. our methodology on the usage of cookies and other technologies.

 Users agree to our use of Cookies specified below.  References made herein have been defined in our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

 The use of the terms “Our Company” or “we” or “us” refers to our Company  JustJobsNG, its websites and Apps

 As outlined in our Privacy Policy, we use cookies and technologies in order to collect and use data from our users. Users agree to our use of cookies and technologies by their continued use and visit to our Website and/or App.

  A brief description Cookies and how they are used by us

 1.          What is a Cookie?

 (a)         A cookie is a small file placed on users’ device that allow features and functions on our Website to function smoothly. Our company or third parties may place cookies in users’ browser for various purposes. These cookies help us in remembering information once entered by us, thus helping us to make it convenient for you to use our website.

 (b)        Certain information is contained in a cookie, like the name of the domain from which the cookie originated. Session Cookies are the ones that remain on users’ browsers till the end of one session i.e. till the time they leave the Website. Persistent Cookies are the ones that stay in the users’ browser for the entire lifetime of the particular cookie.

  2.        Our Company’s use of cookies

 Our Company uses cookies and other technologies from third-parties for the purpose of marketing, customization of user experience etc. A detailed version of purpose has been laid down in Clause 3 below. These cookies help us to create personalized advertisements and enhancing user experience. The use of these cookies enable us to determined the number of times our users have viewed advertisements in order to understand preference of users.

  3.        Purpose of using cookies and other technologies

     The cookies collected is used for the following purposes            :

 (a)             Security

 (b)            Authentication of user

 (c)            Your preferences as a user

 (d)           Enhancing your experience as a user

 (e)            Advertising

 (f)           Prevention of spam

 (g)          Compliance

 4.         Choices as a user

 Our users can exercise their choices on their use of our cookies and technologies. User experience is however altered with the disabling of cookies since it stops personalizing and suggesting recommendations for our users. Customizations will be stopped once cookies and technologies are thus disabled.

 5.         Controlling cookies on your Browser

 Users may choose to control cookies on their browser. Browsers seek your input for consent to use cookies. Users may thus choose to delete cookies and moderate the manner in which cookies collect information. For further information, user should refer to policies of the browser through which our website is being accessed.


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