Jobs in Nigeria During Covid-19: 5 Tips to Cope With Anxiety During a Pandemic

Covid-19 has come along with an unprecedented risk to the career of many individuals and the life blood of many organizations.

In the last several weeks since the advent of Covid-19 unemployment claims have gone sky high in developed economies and jobs in Nigeria and across multiple regions have experienced negative impacts- salary and incentive cuts, and layoffs.

These events clearly will make the best of us develop job search anxiety and rest uneasy.

It doesn’t matter the kind of disruption this situation has brought to you whether it’s a delay in resumption at the office where you finally landed your dream NGO job in Nigeria just prior to Covid-19 or continuing in an organization with a reduced salary because the latest job vacancies in Nigeria are now much more competitive, please don’t lose hope, stay motivated.

These are a few tips to help you cope as you continue your job search from the list of latest job vacancies in Nigeria today

1. Recognize Covid-19 is Not Your Fault.

It is natural for some people to want to blame themselves for the current situation, don’t blame yourself! This will only keep deflating your confidence levels and bring more anxieties.

You should stay strong, put all negative thoughts in the gutters where they belong, and channel your energies to something creative.

Keep your mind from pandemic information overload especially the negative once about unemployment and bad situations

Believe in yourself and know that you still have what it takes to succeed.

2. Never Lose Your Focus

Why you don’t want to blame yourself, you shouldn’t also stay aloof.

Depression, anxiety, and fear are the factors that make it more difficult for a person to get going during a crisis.

Guide against over anxieties and depression. Find interesting ways to stay engaged. Maybe this is the time to start that free course, learn new recipes, revamp your resume with new details of your recent certifications and experiences or dusting up that shelf to look for that book you have always wanted to read at again!

It is very crucial to accept the current realities and look for ways to stay afloat and motivated.

3. Upgrade Yourself

The job landscape is already changing in dynamics and it is important to get ready to work with the flow.

This probably is the best time to upskill yourself with requisite knowledge for the jobs of the future. This will help you stay relevant in these changing times.

Learning a new skill should be one of your top priorities this time.

4. Keep Calm!

Find ways to stay calm: do meditation, do exercises rest well, take a walk.

You will be much more focused if you are relaxed

5. Don’t give up.

Keep up the spirit! You have not come this far give up now!

Even though the ravaging psychological feeling of depression is the biggest out there now, we can all collectively turn this situation to our favor.

Let’s keep our spirits high and stay focused now.

All the best!

Thankyou for reading the blog!