Job Interview Mistakes

Job Interview Mistakes To Avoid
Interview is a very important area in a job search process and one area where most job seekers encounter difficulty. There are so many DO(s) and DON’T(s) a job seeker needs to be aware of in order to have a successful interview. This article will highlight a few of the DON’T(s) job seekers must avoid during the interview stage.

1. Don’t Come Late
First impression is always very difficult to erase, hence never get to an interview late. Showing up late for an interview creates a not too good impression on the interviewer’s mind. Employer will have an impression that you are not reliable or that you are not time conscious I am very sure you will not want the employer to have such an impression of you even before you are given the opportunity to showcase what you have to offer.

2. Never Go Unprepared
In preparing for an interview you are expected to have a bit of knowledge of what the company is all about and the position that you are been interviewed for. The mission statement, vision statement and the culture values of the company are vital information you need to know. You can source for this information via the company’s website or from those who know much about the company.
It is also very important that you familiarize yourself with likely interview questions that can come up during the session, read books on interview tips and source for information on the internet.
Be conversant with what you have on your resume and have a copy with you during the interview.

3. No Inappropriate Dressing
The choice of clothes you wear for an interview should be comfortable. No loud colors avoid using excessive make up and jewelries. Don’t wear clothes that can be termed seductive or outfits that can distract the interviewer from you or what you have to offer. If possible, you can make enquiries as regard the corporate dress code of the organization.

4. Don’t Forget To Be Courteous
Always use the term like, “please”, “sir”, “ma’am”, thank you. These basic words can help create a good impression of one’s personality. Always sound respectful, avoid interrupting the interviewer unnecessarily. Try to maintain eye contact with the interviewer, it is a sign that you are paying attention
and have a pleasant demeanor. Don’t sound or look uninterested even when you know you won’t take the offer.

5. Don’t Be Dishonest
Ensure to be truthful in your response, in as much as you want to sell yourself make sure you don’t add any falsehood to it.
Your chances of getting the offer maybe jeopardize if it’s discovered that you were not truthful in your conversation, as this may lead to mistrust. Integrity is one of the core values for most organization and as such have zero tolerance for dishonesty.

6. Don’t Be Arrogant
Employers will always look out for candidates that are teachable, not egoistic, and ready to learn. No matter how good you are in your area of expertise, never give the employer an impression that you “know all”.
You can confidently express your abilities and achievements without been arrogant. Let your employer no that no one is an oasis of knowledge and that you are always ready to learn.

7. I Don’t Have Any Question
Hiring managers often ask candidates if they have any questions during the interview, this is done to access the candidate’s intellect and capacity. Many candidates usually make the mistake of saying “I don’t have any questions”
Always have your questions ready before going for any interview, ask questions relating to the company and the role you are been interviewed for.

8. I Don’t Know
Never give that as a response to a question you can’t answer. There are ways to answer such questions, instead of saying you don’t know you can answer it by telling the interviewers things you know that could fit into what they are asking for. It might not make sense entirely, but it is better than saying “I don’t know or no idea”

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