Recruiting Strategies to Attract Passive Candidates

It can be quite challenging to find the right fit for any job opening in your company. Even though you might be getting lots of applications, that does not mean they are the right fit. Online application has made job application easier for candidates. But that means people that are not qualified for the position will apply as well. Sometimes to get the right fit, you might have to take it a step further. And that means you go for passive candidates. Who are passive candidates and what are the strategies to attract passive candidates? Read on to find answers to these questions and more.

Who are passive candidates?

Passive candidates are those that are not actively looking for jobs. This is because they are gainfully employed and are quite content with their current job/employer. However, they are quite open to new opportunities when it arises. 

Benefits of hiring passive candidates

Hiring passive candidates has many benefits, some of them are;

  • They are not currently looking for jobs thus, they might only be interviewing with you. This increases your chance of getting them compared to active job seekers that might be interviewing with five other companies.
  • Because they currently have a job, they won’t just accept any job they don’t have an interest in. This improves their productivity at work. So, if they agree to work with you, that is because they have an interest in your company.
  • Another benefit of hiring passive candidates is that they will stay with you long-term. This is because they have an interest both in the job and the company, hence they will enjoy their role. Therefore, they will stay with you on a long-term basis.

Strategies to attract passive candidates 

Now that you know the benefits of hiring passive candidates, how then do you attract them? Here are a few strategies to attract passive candidates:

Know where to find them

One of the strategies to attract passive candidates is to know where to find them. Knowing where to find them will enable you to network or build connections with passive candidates. Here are some tips to help you know where to find passive candidates;

  • Go for networking events around you

One of the ways of finding passive candidates is to attend networking events in your community. Even though these networking events are to network with people, you can use the opportunity to scout for potential hires. Meeting potential hires face-to-face will help you leave a lasting impression on them. You can use this opportunity to pitch your company to many people. Tell them about your company culture and about the many benefits they will get if they decide to work with you.

  • Make use of social media platforms 

Another thing you can do is to use social media platforms. LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook are great sites to source for potential hires. LinkedIn especially is an excellent site to use. You can search for top talents in your industry and connect with them. Once there is a need for them in your company, it will be easy to reach out to them since you already have a connection.

Write catchy job adverts

The way you write your job ads goes a long way to determine who will apply to the open position. For instance, if the job advert is all jumbled up and unclear. You will have a higher % of unqualified candidates applying for the job. However, if you write specified, clear, and catchy job ads, you will attract the right candidate. Thus, one of the strategies to attract passive candidates is by writing catchy adverts. Here is a guide on how to write catchy job ads.

Build online presence

Another one of the strategies to attract passive candidates is to have an online presence. Your company should have recognition online. Make sure your website is up to date, besides, you should also ensure that you optimize your website. We already talked about using social media but you need to have profiles on those platforms. These profiles enable you to create content and showcase more of your company to the outside world. The more visibility your company has online, the more likely a passive candidate will accept you when you approach them. 

Make use of the employee referral scheme

Using an employee referral scheme is also one of the strategies to attract passive candidates. With this scheme, your employee will share job openings with others. Then, for each hire, you will give the employee an incentive. This scheme works in an environment where you treat your employee right. Thus, you have to ensure you treat your employee right always so they will be inclined to refer others to the company.

Tailor the application process for passive candidates 

You should customize your application process for passive candidates. This is because they might be turned off by a long and stressful process. So, you need to speed up your hiring process. If you are interviewing a passive candidate, you should not ask questions that do not make sense. For instance, asking them “what attracted you to this company” when you were the one who approached them might seem meaningless. So avoid questions like that. The easier the hiring process is for passive candidates, the higher the chance of them working with you.

Wait patiently 

One of the strategies to attract passive candidates is to wait patiently for them. You might contact them and they are not quite ready to change their job. While this might be frustrating, however, you should not give up on them. But, this does not mean you should continue hounding them. Doing this might make them lose interest in your company. You can keep them on the active list of potential hires. Make sure you keep connections with them and check on them occasionally. Do this occasional checking to know the situation of things with them. This will help keep you on their mind and when they are ready, they might consider you first.

Final Thoughts

Active candidates might make your hiring process faster, but do not guarantee you getting the right candidate. Passive candidates on the other hand might seem challenging to get. But with the strategies to attract passive candidates we mentioned in this article, you are on your way to getting the right fit for your company.


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