How to Ask Your Employer For A Raise

You have two options if you believe you deserve higher pay for your work. One, search for a job that pays you higher than you currently earn. You can search for a recent high-paying job on this website. Two, you might have to ask for a raise if you like where you are working. Both options are nerve-wracking but they give you a chance for new opportunities. If you like where you are currently working, the best way to get the pay you deserve is by asking your employer for a raise. Don’t know how to go about it? Well, here are some tips on how to ask your employer for a raise:

Research salary scale

The first tip on how to ask your employer for a raise is to research the salary scale. The reason for this is that sometimes you know that you deserve higher pay but you are confused about how much to ask. This salary scale research will help you know what people in your job role are earning in other companies. Here are some things you should put in mind when you are making your research;

  • Take note of the value you have to offer. This comprises your qualification, year of experience, or any specialized skill that you possess. All these will help you know how much you are worth
  • You should also consider the value you have added to the company. For instance, if you have been able to increase the sales by 20%, note it down. You can always use this information while researching and also during salary negotiation.

Ask at the right time

Another tip to know when to ask for a raise is to ask at the right time. Asking for a raise is quite common as many people are not happy with what they currently earn. However, asking at the right time goes a long way in determining whether your manager will accept or reject your request. Here are some things to consider before asking for a raise;

  • Is the company financially okay? Asking for a raise in a company that is struggling financially might be detrimental to your job. The only exception to this is if you are a top talent at the company.
  • Have you accomplished a big task recently? If you are not adding any value to a company, your request for a raise might not be accepted.
  • Is your relationship with your manager or employer cordial? A strained relationship might make your employee reject your request.

These factors and more are what will let you know whether it is the right time for you to ask for a raise. Here is a guide on how to know when to ask for a raise.

Set a meeting

When planning to ask for a raise, you need to set a meeting with your manager/employer. This means you have to let them know in advance that you want to discuss salary with them. A salary raise is not something you discuss in workplace common areas. It is either you discuss it in your employer’s office or via email. When you meet up with your employer to notify them of this discussion, they will tell you the method they prefer. But, if the employees’ performance evaluation period is coming soon, you might not need to notify them again. Since you will be meeting your employer at the employee performance event, you can ask for a raise.

Prepare what to say

You have researched the salary range and ascertained that the time is right to ask for a raise. The next step is to know how to ask your employer for a raise. This means you have to prepare what you will say to your employer/manager while asking for a raise. Here are some tips to help you prepare for what to say;

  • Begin with an opener:

To start the conversation, you need to thank your employer for allowing you to meet up with them for this discussion. After appreciating them, let them know the reason why you are meeting up with them. You should also insert your accomplishment into your discussion.

  • Be specific with numbers

You need to be specific with numbers when discussing the possibility of a raise with your employee. Tell them the % increase you want in your salary. Besides, you should share the metrics of your accomplishments with them to justify your need for a raise.

  • Make sure you rehearse what you want to say

If your employer wants to see you in person to discuss a raise, make sure you rehearse the things you want to say. This is because there is a type of anxiety attached to a discussion concerning money. And you need to be eloquent and not be nervous when talking so you can present your case well. Rehearsing your script allows you to say what you want to say with boldness.

Prepare for questions

Whether you discuss a raise with your employee face-to-face or via email, you need to prepare for questions. Your employer might want to know the details of your accomplishment. They might even want to know how you arrive at the % increase you are asking for. Besides, they might even start a salary negotiation with you. This is the reason why you need to relax and listen to what your employer has to say after you have made your request. If you are confused about a question, ask your employer to clarify so you can answer accordingly.

Thank your manager

No matter the outcome of your salary raise conversation with your employer, always thank them. If you had a physical discussion with them, you can still send a thank you mail the following day. If your employer accepts your request, send them a thank you mail the following day. This will serve as a reminder for them to push the raise. If your request was rejected, you can still send them a mail the following day for documentation purposes. However, if your manager rejected your request and you feel you deserve better, maybe it is time for you to begin a job search.

Final Thoughts

Don’t know how to ask your employer for a raise? Follow the steps in this article. However, have it in mind that not all salary raise requests will be accepted. If your employer rejects your salary raise request, be professional, work harder and try again. On the other hand, you can start searching for high-paying jobs.


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