How to Get Experience For Your Dream Job.

Every job seeker has a dream company they want to work in and a dream job they want to do. It could be because they love the company’s culture or because the pay is awesome. For whatever reason it is, there’s nothing wrong with having a dream job. However, you will agree with me that job search can be stressful these days, and it might be hard for you to pursue your dream job. This is because of a common factor all jobs have which is work experience, especially for a fresh graduate. There are times you will come across an entry job that requires two to three years of experience. This makes it difficult for fresh graduates and those that do not have the experience to apply for these jobs. So how do you get experience for your dream job? Read on to find out how.

6 ways to get experience for your dream job

Sometimes, your qualifications or skills do not matter in certain jobs. This is because they can not replace your years of experience in places where it is required. So, here are some ways to get experience for your dream job.

1. Don’t underestimate yourself

Make sure that you do not underestimate yourself or the experience you have, no matter how little it is. According to a study, 62% of employees were hired when they were underqualified for the position. And the same study also shows that 84% of companies are willing to train their employees so that they will get the necessary skills. With this study, it is safe to say that you should not sell yourself short. If the reason why you are not applying for a certain job is that you think you are not qualified, don’t underestimate yourself. Go ahead and apply for the job. You need to have confidence in yourself if you do not want to lose out on great career opportunities. 

2. Consider transferable skills

To get experience for your dream job, the only thing you might need to do is to consider your transferable skills. Transferable skills are skills that are applicable across all roles and industries; they are sometimes called soft skills. They include communication skills, organizational skills, leadership skills, and others. If you want to review your transferable skills, then you should not see job experience as job titles, but rather see them as what you have learned in previous roles. For instance, if you have worked as a shop attendant before. You have probably learned negotiation skills and how to be persuasive. This skill can be useful in the sales department across all industries. And if you sell yourself well in the interview you might get an offer for your dream job.

3. Reach out to your network

Another way to get experience for your dream job is by reaching out to your network. Networking does not only help you land your dream job, but it also helps your career to grow quickly. Because it is called networking, many people see it as a daunting task. However, it is just another name for what we do every day as humans which are interacting and making connections. There’s actually no excuse for you not to have one or two connections. This is because social media platforms such as LinkedIn have made it easy for even introverts to network with other people. 

Besides, you will be shocked at the number of professionals that are ready to share their expertise and passion with people who need them. So, you do not need to be afraid, boost your confidence and reach out. Thus, if you are looking to gather experience for your dream job, you should reach out to your network. But, make sure you do not impose on your networks as this might ruin whatever relationship you are trying to build with them.

4. Try Volunteering

You can also get experience for your dream job by volunteering. Volunteering goes a long way to help you in your career. If you do not have any job experience, you can volunteer in a company that is related to your dream job. That way, you will not only gather the experience that you need for the job but also improve your skills while at it. Another benefit of volunteering is that it gives you a sense of purpose. 

For instance, because of desperation to get a job quickly, you might find yourself in a job you have no passion for. And this can make you start looking for where you can have a sense of belonging. You can volunteer in an organization and role you have a passion for during the weekends or on your off days. This will give you a sense of purpose and experience. Thus, the experience you gather can help you change your career into what you are passionate about. Or you might receive a permanent job offer from the organization you are volunteering for.

5. And internships

You might not be keen on going for internships especially if you have just finished school. But, applying for an internship is filled with loads of benefits. One, you will be able to gather experience and learn one skill or the other that can help you land your dream job. Besides, an interesting thing about internships is that you receive stipends while in training. This can help you find a means of keeping yourself going till you can get your dream job.

6. Try out freelancing

Another way to get experience for your dream job is through freelancing. Many companies hire freelancers to work for them for a particular period. This is because freelancers are easy and cheap to hire compared to full-time employees. So, you should try out freelancing to boost your skills and to get experience for your dream job. To start with, you can register on various freelancing platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr, and others. Besides, you can tailor your job search on LinkedIn to freelance jobs only.

Final Thoughts

To get experience for your dream job, you should always take the bull by the horn. This means that you should grab every opportunity that comes your way. Aim high and don’t give up on your dreams.


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