Things You Should Avoid Saying In A Job Interview

Your goal in any interview is to show the interviewer that you are the best fit for the job. And this is why every job seeker should try to make a great impression during the interview. To ensure this, every candidate tries as much as possible to research common interview questions and prepare answers to them. However, you never know whether the answer will satisfy the interviewer or not. And sometimes you unknowingly send the wrong message across to the interviewer. You should know that whatever you say in an interview can make or mar your chances of getting a job offer. This is why you should avoid saying some things. Here is a list of things you should avoid saying in a job interview;

“What does the company do”?

There is nothing that screams unseriousness and lack of interest than not knowing what the company does. Never go into an interview without knowing what goods and services the company provides. Before you apply for a job you should have researched the company. In fact, avoid any question that you can easily find answers to on the company’s website. This will show your excitement and interest in the role or the company. You can research the company online, or you could ask employers in the company. If you opt for online research, here is how to go about it.

” My last employer was bad”

One of the things you should avoid saying in a job interview is negative things about your last employer. There is no way a question about why you want to leave (or why you left) your job will not pop up in an interview. However, the way you answer this question will leave an impression on you on the interviewer. Hence, regardless of the situation that leads to you leaving the company, you should never badmouth your last employer. Make sure you maintain positivity and professionalism when answering the question about your last employer. Don’t know how to answer the question. Here is a complete guide on how to answer the question.

“I’m sorry, I don’t have experience”

Apologizing about not having experience is one of the things you should avoid saying in a job interview. This is because it depicts that you don’t have any experience and there is nothing you can do about it. That means you are focusing on your weakness. This mistake is quite common among recent graduates or those that want to change careers. Instead of going on and on about how you don’t have experience, you should focus on your transferable skills. This will show that even though you don’t have experience, you have skills and you are enthusiastic to learn more.

“Uhmm… I actually…like….you know”

Avoid the use of filler words in an interview. These words include “uhmm”, ” like”, “you know”, and so on. These words might hinder you from communicating clearly with the interviewer, and they can also depict a lack of confidence. No employer would want someone that is not a good communicator and lacks confidence in their team. So, avoid them to boost your chances of acing the interview.

“I don’t know”

No matter how much you prepare for an interview, there are times you do not have answers to questions. And in cases like this, one of the things you should avoid saying is that you don’t know. Instead of saying that, why not take your time to gather your thoughts and think of answers. Here is a game plan for you if you find yourself in this situation.

“It’s on my resume”

One of the things you should avoid saying in a job interview is that what the interviewer is asking for is on your resume. Sometimes, the interviewer might just ask questions that the answer is on your resume. In this case, they just want you to give answers in your own words. And sometimes, they only want to know how familiar you are with your resume. So, when they ask you questions, never answer with “it’s on my resume”. It is rude and depicts lack of interest. Instead, answer well, and give additional information if needed.

“I’m a creative person, I think outside the box”

Cliche words or buzzwords are also one of the things you should avoid saying in a job interview. When interviewers ask candidates to describe their skills, some use phrases like “I think outside the box” or “my greatest weakness is that I am a perfectionist”. The funniest thing about using these phrases is that many candidates use them a lot. So, once the interviewer hears it again, they might just strike out your name. Besides, these buzzwords don’t give details about your skills. So, instead of using them, showcase your skills and sell yourself to the interviewer.

Downloading memorized answers

Yes, you have prepared for the interview but that does not mean you should memorize the answers. Downloading memorized answers will be noticed by the interviewer. This is because you will be answering robotically without passion or enthusiasm. Hence, you should avoid that.

“What are the benefit, pay, and perks associated with this job”

One of the things you should avoid saying in a job interview is asking for benefits, pay, or perks. Yes, all these are essential but you shouldn’t show your interest in the pay, especially at the first stage of the interview. If the interviewer brings it up then it’s fine, if not avoid talking about it.

Using unprofessional Language

When you are in an interview, you should know that you are in a professional setting, so you should avoid unprofessional language. Even if the interviewer is swearing (which he/she is not supposed to do), you shouldn’t respond to that. Maintain professionalism always.

“I don’t have any questions”

Saying you don’t have questions is also one of the things you should avoid in a job interview. Every interested candidate should have relevant questions to ask the interviewer after the interview. Thus, you should prepare questions while going for an interview.

Final Thoughts

You need to avoid Information or responses that can affect your chance of getting a job offer. With this list of things you should avoid saying in a job interview, we hope you will be able to ace your next interview.


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