8 Signs That The Job Interview Went Well

Uncertainty is a common predicament among job seekers. They are uncertain that they will be invited for an interview after applying. In the same vein, they are uncertain about whether they aced the interview. Days after the job interview are usually filled with anxiety and worry. They do not know whether they said the right thing, answered the questions well, and so on. We understand how it feels and that is why we have come up with signs that the job interview went well.

Signs the job interview went well

Even though you will get feedback from the recruiter, the wait always seems long. So, in the meantime, here are the signs to look out for so that you will know whether the interview went well or not.

Positive Body Language

One of the common signs that the job interview went well is positive body language. Recruiters are always trying to play it cool, so a little movement here and there goes a long way to show what they think. Pay attention to the interviewer to know what they think about the interview with you. However, if they show excitement whether, through verbal or body language affirmation, this depicts that they are interested in you. Here are some signs you should look out for;

  • They pay attention to what you are saying
  • The interviewer kept on nodding their heads at your responses.
  • They maintain eye contact with you
  • Ask follow-up questions to your response and more.

The Interview was conversational

The interview is a professional thing with seriousness and all. But if it was more conversational than serious, chances are you have already sold yourself to the interviewer. And it is one of the great signs that the job interview went well. On the other hand, one great quality that interviewers look out for in a candidate is their interpersonal skills. So they tend to start being conversational with you. And if you can showcase your interpersonal skill by getting into a good rapport with them. It further strengthens their interest in you and makes them consider hiring you. Hence, having a good conversation in an interview is a great sign that the interview went well.

You were there for a long time

Interviews are to run for a specific amount of time. But if it seems you are spending a longer time than usual with the interviewer, that is one of the signs that the job interview went well. For instance, if you are to use 30 minutes for an interview, and you are there for over an hour, then that means they have an interest in you. The reason is that recruiters/interviewers do not have time to waste. So, once they see a candidate that does not suit them, they dismiss such an applicant immediately. However, when they see a candidate that is a potential hire, they tend to spend more time with such to learn more about the candidate. So, your interview running overtime is a good sign that it went well.

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When the interviewer speaks “when” rather than “If” 

One of the signs that the job interview went well is if the interviewer gives specific details about the job description. Recruiters/interviewers often talk in general terms when interviewing candidates. But if they are specific about the job description, then you have been able to sell yourself to them. For instance, if the interviewer says ” when you get this job…” rather than “if you get this job…”, it means they are interested in you.

On the other hand, if they say ” you would be expected to”, instead of “the successful candidate would be expected to”. And they follow up this statement with the details of the job description, chances are they are already considering you. So, they want you to get a full grasp of what the job will entail.

The interviewer talks about the future 

There is always the possibility of the interviewer talking about the future. Talking about the future means that they ask you ‘how soon you can start’, and give you more details about your role. Even though this is a norm in almost every interview. But if the interviewer starts talking about all these things without you asking, and they go into details as well, then that is one of the songs that the job interview went well.

They try to sell the job and position to you

One of the signs that the job interview went well is when the interviewer changes the tone from assessing to selling. Selling in the sense that they start to give you reasons why their company is above other competitions. They often tell you the perks and benefits, a positive spin of your day-to-day activities, and so on. When you notice this change of tone, know that you are in their good graces. However, that does not mean that they have the job, it means that they would like you to consider them if they eventually give you the offer.

The interviewer gives detailed answers to your questions

The candidates often have the chance of asking questions when the interview is drawing to a close. If the interviewer answers all your questions in detail and they allay any fear you have, then it is a good sign. It shows that they have an interest in you so they are trying to impress you. On the other hand, if the interviewer leaves you more confused or is not trying to answer your questions, it could be that they are not representing the company well, or the interview didn’t go well.

They are clear in what the next step will be

Another sign that the job interview went well is if you get a clear description of what the next step is. If the interviewer takes the time to tell you about the next stage of the hiring process, chances are you have made it to the next stage. Besides, how the interviewer ends the interview matters. If they tell you ” we will get back to you”, they might not have an interest in you. 

Final Thoughts

These are the signs that the job interview went well. However, these signs are not 100% sure. This means that the fact that you got these signs does not mean that you have gotten the job. And if you did not see these signs, it does not mean you won’t get the job. So until you receive a job offer, don’t stop your job search.


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