Signs It is Time to Leave Your Job.

time to leave your job

There are days you get tired of your job. On those days, you feel frustrated, and you swear to turn in your resignation letter. But then, you get to work the next day, and you feel like the job is the best one that has ever come your way. Everyone experiences days like this. However, how do you differentiate between having a bad day at work and when it is time to leave your job. In this article, we will discuss 8 signs that show it is time to leave your job.

1. There is no room for growth.

One important sign that it is time to leave your job is if there is no room for growth. Growth is not limited to promotion. It can be in the form of taking up new tasks or even working on new projects. This will help you expand your skills and grow professionally. But in a situation where there is a lack of opportunity to grow, you might have to move on. There is no benefit attached to working in a company where there is no room for growth. 

2. You are under-compensated.

A common reason why people quit their jobs is that they want a bigger paycheck. This is not bad, as you should be paid for the skills, values, and expertise you are offering. However, some accept low-paying jobs because of the unique opportunities attached to them. Sometimes, the benefit from the job may be non-financial. But in cases where there is no unique opportunity or non-financial benefits, you might be underpaid. 

If you realize that you are under-compensated for your work, that could simply mean that your employer does not value you. And this can affect your self-confidence because you will be seeing yourself the way your employer sees you. That means your skills and strength will not improve, and you might not be aware of the potential you have. Thus, when you are underpaid, it might be a sign that it is time to leave your job. But before that, make sure you talk to your employer about a possible raise. 

3. The job is making you question your ethics.

Any job that makes you compromise or question your ethics is not worth it. At the end of the day, it might have a negative impact on your career. So, if there is any case where you are compromising or questioning your moral ethics, then you might need to move on. For instance, if as an employee, you have to give out misleading information to customers/clients to generate more revenue, you are compromising your ethics. The implication of working in such a working environment is that your morale will be affected. And if you are caught doing so with a senior colleague, you might be fired. And that record can affect your chances of getting jobs in the future. So, when a job is making you question your ethics, it is time to leave your job.

4. The work environment is toxic.

Working in an organization with a toxic work environment has an impact on your physical and mental health. So, if you notice that a job is taking a toll on your physical and mental health, it is time for you to move on. How do you know if the work environment is toxic? For instance, if the company has controlling management and there is no room for employees to make contributions. Besides, if the organization harasses the employers and there is no effective communication, then the environment is toxic. There is always a high turnover rate in companies that have a toxic working environment. So, you should research a coping mechanism while you search for a new job if you find yourself in a toxic environment.

5. You are not sure of the company’s future.

All companies pass through ups and downs. There are times that companies suffer losses, and they might have to downsize or retrench staff. And this might make the company close down. So, if you are not sure about the future of the company, maybe it’s time to leave your job. 

6. No healthy work-life balance

Another thing that shows it’s time to leave your job is if there is no healthy work-life balance. Although there is no perfect work-life balance, the job should allow you to have time for personal things. So if you are in a situation where you spend a lot of time at work, and you don’t have time for yourself, maybe it is time to move on. But before you quit, you should consider talking to your manager to see if you will be able to cut down on your work. If not, then you need to start looking for a new job.

7. You are hesitant to recommend your company.

There are times when companies open vacancies to employees to know if they have someone they could recommend. If you are hesitant about recommending your work to your friends or acquaintances, maybe it is time for you to leave your job. At this point, you should know that if you think your friends deserve better than the job, then you also deserve better. However, before you quit, be sure that it is not burnout that is making you make that decision. If that is the case, then you need to rest, but if the problem is from the company, you might need to look for a better offer.

8. You got a better offer

One of the reasons why most people leave their jobs is that they got a better offer. There are times when you enjoy your job but you are still on the lookout for a better one. There is nothing wrong with that, so when you get a better offer it is a sign that you need to leave the job.

Final Thoughts

There is nothing wrong with leaving your job when you are no longer satisfied with your job. However, before you quit your job make sure you have a new job you can fall to so you won’t be stranded. And you can search for coping strategies till you get a new job.


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