How to Boost Productivity at Work.

Being productive at work can be a bit challenging for some. Everyone starts their day with a list of what they want to accomplish in a day. But at the end of the day, they realize that they’ve not accomplished up to half of their to-do list. And this makes you feel as if the day is wasted due to interruptions or distractions. But, how can you boost productivity at work? Read on to find out different ways to boost productivity at work.

What does it mean to be productive?

Before I share ways to boost productivity at work, let’s look at what it means to be productive. Being productive has a different meaning to everyone but to me, it simply means, completing all your tasks within a short time, Thus leaving you with free time to enjoy yourself. The fact that you spent long hours at work does not mean that you are productive, it only means you are busy. Hence, productivity involves working smart and not hard. Now that you know what it means to be productive, how do you boost productivity?

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How to boost productivity at work.

There are various ways to boost productivity at work; they include:

  1. Avoid Multitasking

Most people believe that you get a lot of things done when you multitask. But, this is not the case most times, as you tend to start note work than you can finish. Multitasking means doing three or more tasks at the same time. This takes your focus off a particular task and divides your attention. Besides, you spend more time transitioning between tasks when you multitask. Also, multitasking gives room for more errors. When you move in between two or more tasks, you will want to finish all on time. And because of this, you might make errors in your work. 

So, to boost productivity at work, you should avoid multitasking. Make sure you focus on one task at a time. This does not only allow you to be more productive but also gives room for less error and more creativity. 

  1. Take short breaks

When you have a lot to do, you might be tempted not to take a break. However, this might lead to fatigue or burnout. And when this happens, you might find it difficult to continue work again and that can affect your productivity. Most offices give break time between 10 to 30 mins to ensure their employees do not experience burnout. Therefore, you should make use of this time and take a break as well. The break helps you recharge, thus you will be able to concentrate more on your tasks. Besides, if you notice that you are losing concentration while working you can boost productivity by working around your office. By the time you go back to your desk to continue work, you will be more focused.

  1. Prioritize your tasks

Another way to boost productivity at work is by prioritizing your tasks. This simply means that you set your task based on his urgent and important they are. You can use this breakdown to prioritize your tasks.

  • Urgent and important: these are tasks that you should do immediately. 
  • Not urgent but important: these tasks need time for execution but they are important. So you need to schedule a deadline for them.
  • Urgent and not important: these tasks need to be done immediately but they are not important. So, if you are a team leader, you can delegate them to your members.
  • Not urgent and not important: you can decide to do these tasks and get rid of them from your to-do list. Or you can do them after all the important tasks. 

Prioritizing your tasks this way can guarantee a boost in your productivity at work.

  1. Set small goals

Seeing big goals on your to-do list can scare you into procrastinating. And this can affect how productive you are. However, to boost productivity at work, set small goals. If you have a big goal of completing a project, break the goal down into smaller objectives. This way, you will be sure to finish your task without falling behind the deadline.

  1. Avoid distractions and interruptions

Another major way to boost productivity at work is to avoid distractions and interruptions. You should ensure that you avoid interruptions from your coworkers if you have a task at hand. Avoid going to offices to gist, and also let your coworkers know you are busy so they will not disturb you. If you have your own office, you can close the door to your office, this will let them know that you don’t want to be disturbed. But, if you are in a shared space, use noise cancellation earplugs to block every noise/discussion. This way you will not be tempted to jump into discussions when you are supposed to be working. Using earphones is also a subtle way of telling your coworkers that they should not disturb you.

Distractions can also come from social media. So, while working, turn off notifications from your phones. If you are logged in on your social media pages on your laptop, turn the notification off as well. Better still, log out from all your social media pages, so that you can concentrate well. 

  1. Deal with the biggest task first

We all have that big task that we know is important but we end up procrastinating it because we don’t want to do it. Well, there is a hack for you to go about it. And this hack is that you should deal with it first. This means that you should work on undesirable important tasks when you are most active. So, make sure the first thing you do when you get to work in the morning is to deal with the biggest task. This is a sure way to boost productivity at work.

  1. Make use of productivity tools

Using productivity tools is another way to boost productivity at work. For instance, you can use tools like Todoist to create a schedule. Clockify to track your time, and Slack for collaborative meetings. These tools and others will make work easier and smoother.

Final thoughts.

These are some of the ways to boost productivity at work. Understand that change takes time, so you should not expect your productivity to increase immediately. But, as time goes on, you will see improvement in your productivity 


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