6 Ways To Speed Up The Hiring Process

speed up the hiring process

The demand for talented applicants is and will always be strong. Skilled candidates come and go in a short amount of time. And the speed of the hiring process could be the difference between getting the right candidate or the wrong one. A slow hiring process also wastes time and money that could have been used for something productive. I once applied for a role, and the company used up to three months on the hiring process. I later lost interest because they were taking a long time. And that is what happens when a company does not speed up the hiring process.

Because time is crucial in the recruitment world, there are some ways of speeding up the hiring process. However, why exactly should recruiters speed up the hiring process?

Why Should Recruiters Speed Up the Hiring Process?

To save time and resources.

One of the most significant advantages of speeding up the hiring process is to save the company’s time and resources. Speeding up the hiring process helps limit the amount of time the hiring department spends on researching and screening candidates. It also reduces the time recruiting managers who work directly with the open position must spend interviewing, which is time away from their day-to-day roles.

Besides, when companies speed up the hiring process, they save the cost of keeping the position going. For instance, if a company is slowing down the hiring process, there is a likelihood that they will spend extra money hiring freelancers or contract workers to fill the role. But if the hiring process is fast, then there will be no need for this extra cost.

Have access to top qualified candidate

Another great benefit of speeding up the hiring process is that the company will have access to top-qualified candidates. Every company is looking for the right candidate to fill vacant positions. If you slow down the hiring process, there is a tendency that these candidates will apply to other companies. And you have lost your chance of getting a top-qualified candidate. To avoid this, you need to speed up the hiring process.

High acceptance rate

High acceptance rate is another benefit of a fast hiring process. When you make the recruitment procedure fast, the right candidate will accept your job offer. But if you slow it down, chances are they already got another job offer, or have their eyes on another company. And this might make them reject your offer. So, if you want to have a high acceptance rate, you should speed up the hiring process.

6 Ways to Speed Up The Hiring Process

You now have a glimpse of the benefit of speeding up the hiring process. Here are some ways you can speed up the hiring process.

1. Have a clear candidate profile

One of the things that slow down the hiring process is that recruiters don’t have a clear picture of who they want to hire. Therefore, to make the process fast, hiring managers need to have a clear candidate profile. Before the start of any recruitment process, recruiters should have clear answers to these questions:

  • What skills are we looking for in our ideal candidate?
  • How many years of experience are we looking at?
  • What personality do we want?
  • Do we want a full-time, part-time, or remote candidate?
  • What should be their qualification in terms of education?
  • What certifications should this ideal candidate have?

When you have clear answers to these questions, you already know the ideal candidate. So, when you see someone with that profile, you will be able to make hiring decisions faster.

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2. Write an accurate job description for job adverts.

Recruiters should ensure that they write accurate job descriptions for their job adverts. They should clearly state the day-to-day responsibilities of whoever they hire. If they do not do this, there will be many unqualified applicants. This is because some job seekers will apply for jobs even if the job description is vague. They do so with the hope that they might be hired. And going through a series of applications from unqualified applicants can slow down the hiring process. But when you state a clear and accurate job description, the procedure will be fast.

3. Streamline the hiring process.

Ideally, every recruiter should have a laid-down procedure for recruitment. You do not just want to go through the process as you like. You must look at the procedure you have been using in the past that is a time-waster and adjust it. Create strategies for how you will go about every process involved in recruitment. This is a sure way to speed up the hiring process.

4. Make Use of Technology

Making use of technology is another way to speed up the hiring process. Thanks to technological advancement, many things are now easier. Don’t have time for a physical interview? You can use Zoom for virtual ones. What about when you want to send messages to applicants? Use email. Screening the applicant’s resume/CV, ATS is here to rescue you. Also, you can use a chatbot to guide the applicants through the application process. Use these technologies to speed up the hiring process, so use them appropriately.

5. Communicate frequently

Make sure you are communicating with the applicants as often as you can. When candidates do not hear from you, they think you have lost interest in them. And they move on to apply to other companies. Many employers have lost top talents because of this. But, if you communicate every process with them, they know you have them in mind. After the interview, let them know the exact time they will hear from you.

6. Hire as soon as you see the right candidate

And finally, to speed up the hiring process, you should hire as soon as you see the right candidate. Many recruiters make the mistake of not hiring when they see the right candidate -especially if the process is ongoing. They keep on looking to see if they will get someone better. And most times, they miss out on top talent because of this. So, the moment you sight an applicant that ticks all the boxes in your candidate profile, hire immediately. 

So here are the seven ways to speed up the hiring process. I hope when you are recruiting next time, you will put the tips in this article into practice.


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