How to Figure Out If You Should Take A Job Offer

After the job hunting stress, and series of interviews, you finally got a job offer. Congratulations! But, it does not end there. It’s time to figure out whether you should take the job offer. The truth is some offers might be excellent but will it be a good one for you? And a job is actually more than a job, it is a career. It is where you spend most of your days and time. So, you have to be sure of how you will fit into the job before accepting the offer.

In this article, we will discuss how you can figure out if you should take a job offer.  

Why Should You Evaluate A Job Offer?

The main reason why you should evaluate a job offer before accepting it is to know whether it is the right job for you. Due to desperation, many job seekers apply for jobs they are not interested in. They just went through with the application and interview process to fulfill all righteousness. And when the job offer comes, they start doubting whether it is the right job for them. Hence, the reason why you should evaluate a job offer before accepting is so you will not be stuck at a job you do not like. 

Criteria to follow to know whether you should take the job offer

Now that you understand why you should evaluate a job offer before accepting. It’s time to know the criteria to follow to know if you should take the job offer. So here are some questions you should have answers to

What was my first impression?

First impression – they say- lasts longer. Even though you might not pay attention to your environment during the interview due to nervousness, you might have noticed one or two things about the company. Did you have a good first impression of the company? Were you excited and could imagine yourself there? You need to revisit the first impression you had about the organization before accepting the job offer. If you had a good impression, you might accept the job offer, if not then you can cross-check the other criteria.

Will I fit into the company’s culture?

While some people are social butterflies that enjoy working with people, others enjoy working in solitude. Take time to know which category you belong to so that you will know whether you will fit into the company’s culture. 

Will the job advance my career?

Just like I mentioned earlier, a job is more than a job, it is a career, a lifestyle. Before you start job hunting, you should have your career goals listed somewhere. So, when you receive the job offer, go back to the list of your career goals to know whether the job will advance your career.

Besides, you should be able to ask yourself some questions about career advancement. For instance, will the company allow workers to learn and grow? This is another thing that you should learn while researching a company. And this is why tracking your applications is important because all the outcomes of your research will be there and you would not need to start all over again.

What are the salary range, perks, and benefits?

Obviously, you will like to be compensated for your work. So you should carefully read through the salary offer and other benefit packages. Salary matters but perks and benefits matter as well. Hence, you should take your time to go through the compensation packages. The truth is a person’s salary might not be much but with the right benefit, he/she might have more financial security than someone who gets higher pay. I’m not saying a high salary is not good, but you want to be sure that with the right compensation packages, you are covered.

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Will I be able to perform my role well?

You need to fully understand what your day-to-day role will be and evaluate whether you can perform well. Because of desperation, job seekers apply for jobs and when they get an offer they are too excited for this evaluation. So they accept the job offer. However, they might get fired because they could not perform their role well, and they will be back to square one. So, when you get an offer, endeavor to read the job description again to fully understand what is expected of you. Again, if you are tracking your applications, you can easily get this information.

Do I want to work at the company?

You need to ask yourself whether you want to work in the company.  The fact that you had a good first impression of the organization might not mean that you crave to work there. So, think deeply about this, make research about the work environment of the company. Even though people will not tell you outrightly that the work environment is toxic, you can use your discretion to understand what they are saying.

Another thing to figure out is the reason why the position is vacant. If it’s because of expansion and growth, then that’s great. But, if it is because an employee left the company, then you might have to take your research further to know why they left. You should also look at the turnover rate, if it’s low then all is well. This is because nobody wants to stay where the working environment is toxic.

Do I have positive feelings about the job offer?

Check with your feelings to know if this job is perfect for you. If you feel excited or have positive feelings about it, accept the offer. But if you feel hesitant, you should do your research well before you accept the job offer.

Does the job tick all boxes in my job expectation checklist?

This question on how to figure out if you should accept a job offer is essential. The job should tick all boxes in your expectation list. As a job seeker, you should have a checklist of what you are expecting in a job, so if the job offer meets this expectation, you can go ahead. But know that no job is perfect, and you might not get a job that ticks all boxes in your expectation checklist. So, if it meets more than half of this, then you can go ahead.

Final Thoughts

So, these are tips on how to figure out if you should accept a job offer. But, you should know that there is no exact method of knowing whether the job is the right one for you or not. Yet, there are times you will find yourself in an indecisive position. You only need to relax and follow these steps. Make sure you are polite if you eventually decide to decline the offer.


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