7 Things That Can Get You Fired At A New Job

things that can get you fired

Nowadays, having a job is considered a blessing. Finding a job might be difficult if you have specific qualities you are looking for in a company. And holding down the job when you find it can be a bit challenging. That is why it is important to know the things that can get you fired. When you’re looking for work, it’s not just about landing a job that pays you enough to make ends meet. It is important to choose an employer who will help you as much as you help them.

An interview for a job might be nerve-wracking. It’s challenging to send your CV to lots of companies in the hopes of landing a role. You need to make sure that you can get along well with the employer you will be working for. besides, you want to make sure they are easy to work for and concerned about your future as you are. If you can scale through the interview stage and land your dream job, then congratulations!

You get to celebrate landing your dream job. But you should know that some things can displace you from your new job even before you get started. In this article, we will talk about some things that can get you fired at a new job and how to avoid them.

7 Things That Can Get You Fired.

1. Lying on your resume

One of the things that can get you fired is lying on your resume. If you highlight on your resume that you are good at a particular skill, and they gave you a task that requires that skill and you couldn’t do it. Your employer can go and crosscheck with your resume. And if it turns out that you lied, then you might be out of the job before you know it.

2. Disrespecting the Role

It’s easy to become desperate when you’re interviewing for different jobs. But, when the role available is an entry-level role, it might seem insulting, especially if you have a higher qualification. Yet, the truth is that out of the thousands of jobs you applied for, most rejected you. And the one that did not reject seems lower than your level. And if you go around disrespecting the role, you might be out of the job before you blink your eyes. 

What then should you do? Perform your duties diligently, gather experience, and provide value to the company. If you are diligent and you impress the company, you might get a promotion soon enough. It may seem as if you are not learning anything, but it is better than sitting at home doing nothing.

3. Coming Late to work 

One of the things that can get you fired at a new job is coming late to work consistently. It is common knowledge that lateness is bad etiquette. Remember, you were punished when you were late to school in secondary school. Lateness can put you in trouble with your new employer. When you arrive late to work, you are disrespecting your boss’s time and money. You may encounter traffic or public transportation challenges sometimes. But it is far more typical for people to arrive late because they do not manage their time well. You’ve reached adulthood, so you need to take charge of your timing and prioritize your work.

Nobody wants to wake up early to go to work, especially if you have been unemployed for a while. But we need to man up and take responsibility. If you are the type that does not want to wake up early to go to work, then maybe you need to establish your own company. But till then, be punctual at work so you won’t be fired even before you get settled.

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4. Using the company’s property for personal purposes

One of the things that can get you fired is using the company’s property for personal purposes. Most employers won’t object if you copy a personal document on the workplace copier. Yet, using the internet or workplace equipment for personal concerns or to work on a side gig on a regular basis is not appropriate.

Besides, some companies have an IT team that sees what every employer is doing on the work computer. So if you are the type that checks social media on work computer during work time, your boss might get to know sooner or later. And this can get you fired.

5. Insubordination

You are not obligated to answer “yes” to every request or to always agree with your boss. Failure to obey directives, argumentative conversations, and so on are things that can get you fired from your job. Gently express your displeasure if you disagree with your boss’s opinion.

Yes, we know it is bad to be talked down on, but the best approach to address it is to act as calm and rational as possible. To get your point through, you do not need to yell back at your boss’s face. You will occasionally encounter your supervisor in a grumpy mood. Even though this does not give them the right to scream at you, it does require you to respond gently.

6. Slacking at work

You can get fired at a new job if you are delivering poor performance or slacking off. Companies value workers that execute their tasks well. If you are not meeting the goals listed in the job description, then you are a bad investment for the company. And if your work requires frequent correction, then you might be fired soon enough. 

On the other hand, you should not be a slacker. This is one of the things that can get you fired at a new job. Every workplace has one, and you do not have to be one. So, avoid flitting from one desk to another, chatting, and not doing any serious work. Get to work early, focus on your work, smile often, and do not leave before the end of your shift. 

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7. Frequently taking time off.

You can get fired at a new job if you frequently take breaks or sick days. This is because your absence could obstruct the completion of work. Both your own and that of your team members.

Final Thoughts

Here are seven things that can get you fired at a new job. Although there could be some reasons that are beyond your control. But if you are careful enough to avoid these 7 things, then you are on your way to securing your long-term place at the company. 

Do not be discouraged if you have made any of these mistakes. You should know that mistakes are inevitable. What is important is that you learn and adjust. Always be professional, and adhere to the company’s guidelines.


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