How To Write Job Adverts That Attract The Right Candidates

how to write job adverts that attract the right candidates.

There are thousands of job adverts posted online every day for millions of job seekers searching for job vacancies. And the thing that attracts them to apply for a job advert is how better they understand it. Job hunting is a full-time job. And having to decipher the right job for them is challenging. This is why some job seekers apply for jobs they are not keen on. And that will result in stress for the recruiters or employers. Because those candidates might end up not being the right ones for the company. Thus to attract the right candidates, you need to put out a good job advert. And in this article, we will discuss how to write job adverts that attract the right candidates. 

Start With A Catchy Title

When writing your job advert, the first thing you want to focus on is the title. This is because the first thing that candidates will see when they are searching for jobs is the job title. If the title they see catches their attention, then they might decide to click the job advert to read more.

However, you need to make sure you optimize the job title. Avoid using words like guru, ninja, and so on. This is because candidates are not searching for these on search engines or job boards. But you have to make sure the job title is as specific as it can be. For instance, if you are posting an advert for a project manager role, you have to be specific about the level and industry. So, the title can be Senior Project Manager. This will ensure that the right person qualified for this job applies for it. 

Write An Overview of The Company

There should be an overview of your company in the job advert. Include the company name (if you can), the mission, core value, culture, and so on in the advert. When you add this information, it will make it easier for a candidate to be able to research your company. This will help them know whether they can fit in. But, you do not need to go overboard with the overview. Do not go in-depth about the company history. It will bore the candidate and might discourage the right candidate from applying. The overview should not be more than a 2 to 3 lines paragraph. 

Enumerate The Benefit Package

Another thing to write when writing job adverts that attract the right candidates is the benefits package. Generally, every job seeker wants to know what they will benefit if they work in a company. You should appeal to this desire by letting them know what they stand to gain or benefit when they work with your company. For instance, if flexibility is what you offer them, you can tell them that. This will serve as an incentive for the right candidates to apply to the job 

Write The Job Description

This is the part where you briefly describe the responsibilities of someone that takes up the position you are advertising. It is better that you use bullet points for the job description. This will make it very clear and easy to read. The bullet point should explain the day-to-day activity of the candidate hired for the role. It should not be too long, just clear and concise, however, do not make it boring.

List Out The Required Skill And Years Of Experience

Clear enumeration of required skills is another feature of job adverts that attracts the right candidates. Many job seekers will be put off by adverts that have a comprehensive list of required skills. So, you should make sure that the needed skills are concise. Besides, you should add the number of years of experience to the job advert. For instance, if you need a candidate with five years of experience, and you did not state that in the advert. There will be a lot of candidates that do not meet up with the requirement applying for the job. This is why having a clear and concise requirement is paramount.

Finish With Call-to-action

When rounding up a job advert you should write a clear call to action to make the interested candidate know the next step to take to apply. For instance, if you are posting on a job board like, you can just add a click here to apply button. This will let the candidates know that they should apply by clicking the button. If you are using social media platforms, you can add emails for candidates to send their resumes and cover letter.

Other things to add

There are other things you can add to the advert that can attract the right candidates and they include;

Contract type

The job advert should show clearly the type of contract the job is. Will it be permanent, temporary, or even a freelancing contract? All these should be stated in the job advert


Another thing that should be in job adverts that attract the right candidates is the location. Be specific about the location of the job especially if your company is in a big city. Will the job be fully remote, partially remote, or on-site? Let all these details be clear in the job adverts, this will enable the candidate to fully know and understand what they are getting into.


You should add the salary range in the job advert to attract the right candidates. Gone are the days when writing competitive or negotiable salaries draws the attention of people. Now, most job seekers want to know the range of salary they will be earning before they commit themselves to applying for the jobs. So when you put the salary or salary range, then you can attract the right candidate, not the overqualified or underqualified.

Screening Question

You can decide to add some unique screening questions to the job adverts. This will help to ensure that only the right candidates are applying.

Final Thought

The bottom line is that to attract the right candidates, the job adverts should be optimized. Besides, the job advert should be specific enough to show the company’s work culture and the type of candidate you want. And we hope that by following these tips, you can create job adverts that attract the right candidates for your company.


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