Tips For Rocking Your First Day At A New Job

You applied for a job, got an interview invite, aced the interview, and finally, you land your dream job – congratulations. This calls for all the excitement and optimism. Yet, it is time for you to focus and prepare for your new job so you will leave a good impression on the first day. Your first impression goes a long way in how your boss and colleagues see you. But, you do not need to fret and stress yourself. In this article, we will share some tips for rocking your first day at a new job.

Plan your commute

It is important that you get to your new job early on your first day. This leaves the impression that you are always punctual on the mind of your boss. To ensure this, make sure you get to work at least 10minutes before you are going to sign in. Thus, you should factor in the time you will spend on the road so that you will get to work early. To do this, you can actually do a commute test run a week before your resumption. Leave home during the rush hour as if you are going to work; this will help you to know how long the journey will take you. Hence, you will find it easier to commute on your first day.

Dress Appropriately

You should ensure you dress appropriately on your first day at a new job. This is because your dressing is one of the factors that determine the impression of your new boss about you. You should have made research before you resume work to know the dress code for the company. Go through their social media pages to know whether they dress business casual or business formal. If you could not get this piece of information on their page, then you should dress formally to be on the safe side. At least it is better to overdress than to underdress.

Get ready to work

Inasmuch as some companies do not saddle their new employee with work on their first day, some do so.  Hence, be ready to work on your first day. If your supervisor or manager gives you your first task on your first day, then do it with enthusiasm. This shows you can take on whatever responsibility is thrown your way without any complaints. On the other hand, if your company leaves you with some kind of orientation material on your first day. Go through it well; this might help you know more about the company and your responsibilities.

Ask Questions

As a newbie in a company, you have a lot to learn. Ranging from how to do your work effectively to how the organization works. There is a lot of information and when you see that you do not understand something, ask for clarity’s sake. It is better for you to ask questions and be clear with expectations than to do something wrong on your first day. But, you should ensure you do thorough research about the company and your role before you resume. So that you won’t be asking questions that make your new boss question whether they made a good decision hiring you.

Your Body Language Matters

Even though you are not speaking with your mouth, your body language speaks volumes about you. When your supervisor or colleague is talking to you adjust your body language in a way that shows your interest in whatever they are saying. Do not show signs of boredom or nervousness. When the person speaking to you makes an important statement, nod your head to show you are listening. Do not slouch on the chair, rather sit straight and maintain eye contact with them.

Be friendly

This is probably one of the easiest ways of making a good first impression on your first day at work. Be friendly with everyone both your colleagues and your bosses. When people talk to you ensure you smile (do not fake it) and cheerfully answer them. If you are asked about yourself, briefly answer them and ensure you ask about them as well. This will show your interest in starting a conversation with them. If a boss or colleague invites you to lunch on your first day, take them up on their offer. You might end up going to lunch every day with them. This will help you build a great relationship which in turn can help you in your career pursuit. All-in-all, being friendly is a sure way of rocking your first day at a new job.

Make Yourself Available For Your Supervisor

An important first impression that you should make is to make yourself available to your supervisor or immediate boss. This might seem like an obvious thing to do. But between meeting new people, familiarizing yourself with the company, getting one training or the other, you might not be available. However, you should try as much as possible to make yourself present. Once your supervisor calls you, respond to them immediately. This shows your enthusiasm for the work.

Familiarize Yourself With Who You Will Be Working Closely With

As you are meeting with new people on your first day at work, try as much as possible to know who you will be working closely with. Once you know them, familiarize yourself with them. So that you can learn their working pattern and how your roles intertwine. This will help you get started at your new job on the right foot.

Relax and Be Yourself

Yes, it is your first day, and you want to make a good impression. But, this can be challenging and overwhelming. So, if you feel overwhelmed on your first day, relax, take a deep breath and calm yourself down. Besides, you should not pretend to be who you are not because you want to make an impression on your first day. Hence, being yourself is a great way to rock your first day at a new job.

Bottom line

The bottom line is that making a good first impression on your first day is great. And with these tips, your first day at a new job will be a success. But, if you feel you didn’t do well on the first day. Then leave with a good attitude and remember you still have the next day to impress your new boss.


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