Common Reasons For Getting Rejections From Jobs

Getting rejections from jobs is inevitable while job hunting. But when it becomes regular, then you need to check for what is wrong. Some job seekers don’t even get called for interviews while some receive rejections after interviews. In this article, we will discuss the common reasons why job seekers keep getting rejections from jobs whether before or after interviews.

Common Reasons Job Seekers Get Rejections After Application.

There are millions of job seekers that do not get an invite to interview after applying for jobs. And here are some of the reasons for getting rejections.

Your CV did not make it Pass the ATS

Most recruiting agencies and companies engage the use of Automated Tracking System(ATS) to weed out applications that do not meetup with standards. And once the ATS notices that there are some keywords missing in the application, it automatically rejects it. Hence, your application might not even make it to the table of the hiring manager.

You Did Not Follow Application Instructions

Sometimes there are instructions attached to job applications. And because some job seekers are rushing to apply they tend not to follow instructions. And if the recruiter notices that the instruction is not followed then they reject the candidate. Oftentimes, recruiters add instructions to know whether candidates pay attention to details. And applying without following the instruction could mean that the candidate is not suitable for the job. Hence, the reason for rejection.

Too Much Errors in Your Resume

If your resume has too many grammatical errors or blunders, then you might get rejections from jobs. Therefore, ensure that you proofread your resume and cross check for grammatical errors before you submit your application.

You are Either Over or Underqualified

Another reason why you get rejections from jobs is that you are either overqualified for the position or underqualified. If you do not meet up with the requirement of the job position, then you do not need to apply, especially if you have no transferable skills. This is because you might get rejections if you apply. And some job seekers get rejections because they are overqualified for the position. Companies feel that overqualified candidates might make a demand they won’t be able to meet. Thus, the candidate might not stay long in the company, so they reject them. This is why it is of utmost importance that you apply for the job you are qualified for. 

Experience or Skills Exaggeration

Just like you do background checks on companies and recruiters, they also do background checks on candidates. Hence, if they get to know that a candidate exaggerates his/her experience or skills, the application might be rejected. For instance, if you work as an intern in a company for 2 years and you wrote in your CV that you were a team leader for 4 years in the company. You might get rejected. And if words go out in that field or industry, that could pose a problem to getting accepted by another company in that industry. Therefore, make sure your CV is as honest as it could be.

Your CV is too Long

Another reason why you keep getting rejections from jobs is because of a lengthy CV. No hiring manager wants to sit down and read a long CV. Once your resume is long, they just discard it to one side. However, that does not mean you should submit a very short CV. Ensure your resume is precise and clear. And make it interesting for the recruiter or hiring manager to read.

You have Been Out Of Job For Long

If you have been out of job for a long time, then the recruiter might reject your application. This is because they believe you might not be familiar with recent trends in the industry. To avoid rejections for this reason, job seekers should ensure that they fill the gap on your resume. You can decide to volunteer or intern when you are out of work so that there will be no empty space on your resume.

Common Reasons Why Job Seekers Get Rejections After the Interview

You have scaled through the stage of applying without response. And you finally got an invite for interview. However, you were rejected after the interview. Here are the possible reasons for rejections after interviews;

Lack of Preparation

If you fail to prepare for your interview, then you might find it difficult to ace the interview. Which means lack of preparation can cause rejection from jobs. Here is a guide on how to prepare for interviews.

Inappropriate Appearance

Appropriate dressing is a must for every job seeker during the interview. Therefore, if you appear in an inappropriate way for the interview, you might have been rejected even before you start the interview. To avoid this you should dress appropriately for interviews. Read guides for dressing for interviews.

Lack of Good Communication Skill

Another common reason why job seekers get rejections from jobs is that they lack good communication skills. Almost every company/organization is on the lookout for employees that have good communication skills. And job seekers display this skill during the interview. So, if you did not communicate clearly and fluently during the interview, then you might get rejected from the job. However, this does not mean that you should talk too much or try to get overly familiar with the interviewer. But, you should try to speak grammatically correct English and avoid slang at all costs. 

Your Salary Expectation is too High

If your salary expectation is too high, then there is the possibility of getting rejections from jobs. If you do not have any essential value and you have a high salary expectation, then there might be a problem of rejection. However, when faced with the question of your salary expectations, then this guide will help you negotiate salaries.

Final Thoughts

So, here are some common reasons why you keep on getting rejections from jobs. However, there are other reasons that are beyond the control of a job seeker. Reasons such as racism, tribalism, or sexualism are beyond the control of the job seeker. But if you do well to avoid all the reasons we mentioned in this article, then you might just be on the way to landing your dream job.


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