How To Ace A Virtual Interview

No doubt, interviews are an intimidating process for most job seekers. But, the world is evolving and we are gradually shifting to the digital world. Hence, with the use of video conference software like zoom, skype, and so on, most companies have their meetings online. And because of covid-19, there has been an increase in the number of professionals working remotely. This has also spiked up the number of job seekers looking for remote jobs. Thus, most hiring processes are done online these days. And virtual interviews are not left behind. In this article, we will discuss how you can ace a virtual interview. But before we get into that, what exactly is a virtual interview?

What is a Virtual Interview?

A virtual interview is a form of interview that leverages the use of video conference software to conduct an interview. Instead of the interviewer or hiring manager meeting with the applicant face-to-face, they can connect through the use of video software such as zoom. Tools used for virtual interviews are PC or phone with inbuilt or external video and audio capacity, and internet connection.

How To Ace A Virtual Interview

A virtual interview is usually conducted the same way as in an in-person interview. But, here are some important things to note while preparing for a virtual interview to help you ace it.

Prepare for Success

Research, practice and prepare for the interview. You should search through the company’s website or social media page to familiarize yourself with its goals and missions. Then you can use this to answer some common interview questions. Besides, you need to go through the job description once more, read through your resume, and prepare some questions for the interviewer. You can sit in front of your mirror so you can study your body language and adjust it appropriately. Once you have researched and prepared, then you can keep the conversation going during the interview.

Choose a clean, well-lit, and quiet location.

Oftentimes, when an applicant is invited for a virtual interview, they often attend from the comfort of their home. But, it is essential that you choose a clean, well-lit, and quiet location in your house. When you do an interview online, the interviewer gets a glimpse of your personal life, so, be sure to give a good first impression. Ensure that the place you are using is well-lit enough that your face will be clear. And choose a place that is quiet and far away from any distractions from your family members. If you are using a separate room for your interview, be sure to hang a ‘don’t disturb’ notice on your door.

Test your Gadgets and Keep them charged

For a virtual interview, your gadgets are very important. Make sure you check your gadgets a day before the interview to avoid any glitches. Check whether the camera, audio, software, wifi is working well even on the day of the interview. You should cross-check the video software a day before the interview. If there is a need to update any of them, do so.. Play around with the software and familiarize yourself with it. One of the skills that a remote worker should have is to be technological savvy. And if you cannot handle the software you are using for the interview, there might be doubt in the recruiter’s mind about whether you are fit for the job. Besides, you should ensure that you charge all your gadgets, and there is a backup in case something goes wrong.

Be on time

Just like you would in an in-person interview, you should be on time for your virtual interview. Do not make the interviewer wait for you. It is better you wait for them than the other way round. Log on to the website 10-15 minutes before the start of the interview. This will show how time-conscious you are.

Dress Appropriately

The fact that you are not attending an interview in person does not mean you should dress anyhow. The dress code applicable to in-person interviews is also applicable for a virtual interview. So you should ensure you dress appropriately. Do not wear your pajamas or any casual dress, wear a corporate shirt or gown and use a tie if you are a man. Also, do not distract the interviewer with too many accessories, a simple earring and wristwatch are enough. Even if you are going to dress appropriately from the waist up, make sure your dressing exudes professionalism.

Work on your Body Language

Body language is perhaps more important for a virtual interview than an in-person one. The way you compose yourself shows the recruiter whether you are the right fit or not. And here are some body language tips;

  • Avoid slouching during the interview, sit upright and appropriately. Like you would in a face-to-face examination.
  • Speak with confidence while maintaining eye contact. Communication is one of the desired soft skills that recruiters are looking out for. So if you speak with confidence, you are proving that you are an excellent choice to hire. Besides, you should set your camera in a way that you will be able to maintain eye contact with the interviewer.
  • Stay focused. You should do away with all forms of distractions during the interview. Do not check your phone notification or email; this could distract you.

Send a thank-you note and follow up

You should send a thank-you note to your interviewer or recruiter within two to three days of the interview. Send them a mail thanking them for their time and asking for the next step. This will show them that you are interested in the position. But, ensure the mail you send is short and precise. Besides, you should avoid spamming them with a series of emails.

Final Thoughts

Virtual Interviews are gradually becoming the order of the day at almost every workplace. So, as a job seeker who is navigating the job market, you should familiarize yourself with this type of interview. Also, professionals looking to transition into remote jobs should prepare themselves for virtual interviews. And we hope with these tips shared in this article, you will ace your next virtual interview.


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