7 Must-have Skills for Remote Job Seekers

Most job seekers are on the lookout for remote jobs, this is because they love the flexibility it offers. Well, there has been a rise in remote job opportunities in recent times. And these opportunities cut across different sectors and fields. However, most of these job seekers looking for remote work do not have what it takes to work remotely. Apart from having the specific skill and experience for the job, there are other essential skills for remote job seekers. And these skills are called soft skills. In this article, we will discuss the essential skill for a remote job seeker so that they can be productive and successful as a remote worker.

  1. Ability to work independently

When you are hired as a remote worker, you are expected to work without any supervision. And this is why the ability to work independently is one of the skills for remote job seekers. Even though you will be communicating with your managers or coworkers virtually. It is not the same as popping into the next office beside yours. This means that your coworker might not be available to answer your questions or tend to your needs. And if you are not able to work independently, then the project might drag on longer than it should. Hence, you should possess the ability to work independently as a remote worker. 

  1. Self Motivation Skill 

As a remote worker, you are working in your comfort zone, and there are lots of distractions around. This is why self-motivation is one of the skills for remote job seekers. You need to be able to motivate yourself to work even though you are surrounded by a lot of distractions. 

  1. Strong Oral and Written Communication Skill

Another essential skill for remote job seekers is strong oral and written communication. This means that as a remote worker, you should be able to communicate well both in oral form and in written form. Half of the communication between you and your team members will be through written forms. For instance, there will be constant sending of emails back and forth, messages through slacks, and other messaging tools. You should be able to pass across clear written messages to avoid miscommunication. Add punctuation where necessary and make sure you always proofread before sending

Oral communication is essential when there is a video meeting via zoom or skype. You should be coherent and fluent enough. Pass your message in ways others will understand very well.

  1. Collaboration Skill

Even though you are working remotely, it does not mean that you should be working alone. It is easier for workers to collaborate when they are working together in a traditional workplace because they are all seeing each other. But, it might be a bit difficult to collaborate while working remotely because of differences in location or time zone. This is why collaboration is an essential skill for remote job seekers. Therefore, to make collaboration easy, there should be a routine check-up among team members. Besides, remote workers should learn how to use project management tools so that the team can work together easily on projects. 

  1. Time Management

Time management skill is one of the essential skills for remote job seekers. It is beneficial to both the remote worker and the employer. The truth is while working from home, you might be distracted, thus wasting time doing unimportant things. This is because no manager is supervising you or a coworker boosting you up. You are all you got. So, to ensure you are managing your time well, you can download some productivity apps that can help you track time. Besides, try not to be sidetracked by notifications coming from your phone. 

Remote workers tend to overwork sometimes because they do not have to commute from home to work. And this might eventually lead to burnout in the long term. So to avoid this, always keep a clear schedule just as you would if you are working on-site. Prioritize what needs to be done and take breaks when necessary. Also, ensure you stick to the schedule day-in-day-out. For instance, if you take your lunch break by 1 pm while working at the office, you should keep to that while working remotely.

  1. Adaptability

Another essential skill for remote job seekers is adaptability skill. If your coworkers are also working remotely, there is every possibility that they are in a different location and time zone. This could in turn affect the deadline for projects, meeting times, and so on. So you must be able to adapt to the fact that you all are in different time zones. If you have been working on-site and you requested to work remotely. You might be paired with another team different from the one you are working with. Hence you should be able to adapt to this change. Besides, other problems like internet issues, logins not working, and so on might arise. And part of being adaptable is to have a backup plan, and know who to call when such a problem comes up.

  1. Digital Literacy

Digital literacy is another skill recruiters are looking for in remote job seekers. As a remote worker or aspiring remote worker, you should have a bit of digital literacy. You don’t need to go in-depth in the knowledge, but knowing the basics is enough. This means that you should be comfortable using certain tools such as project management tools, file sharing tools, video meeting software, and so on. Knowing how to use these tools will make it easier for you to navigate work while working remotely.

Final Thoughts

Remote work comes with a lot of benefits ranging from its flexibility to not having to commute. However, to be successful in the remote world, you need more than the job skills and expertise. The skills mentioned in this article are essential to your growth as a remote worker. Building these must-have skills will put you on the way to being productive and connected to the work environment. So, remote job seekers should try and hone these skills.


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