How to be Productive As A Remote Worker

Due to the flexibility it offers, remote work is now on the rise than ever before. And most job seekers are looking for remote jobs. However, working from home is not as easy as it looks. Yes, you don’t have to go through the struggle of commuting every morning and evening. But you might not be as productive as you would be if you are working in the office. And this may be due to the fact that nobody is supervising you. However, if you are looking to boost your productivity as a remote worker, then we are here for you. In this article, we will discuss how to be productive as a remote worker. 

Create a Schedule

One of the ways of making yourself more productive while working from home is to create a schedule for yourself. Know when you are starting work, and when you are closing work. There are lots of productivity apps that can make this easier for you. But if you lean towards the traditional method, then you can get a notepad. If you do not have a clear schedule, you might end up lazing around and not getting anything done. Creating a schedule also helps you to manage your time effectively. It will help you know what to do and when to do it. However, to make the schedule you create work effectively, you should stick to it.

Set Priorities 

Once you create a schedule and you know your task, then setting priorities is important. Therefore you should be able to separate your tasks based on their importance and deadlines. This will help you to be more productive and stay on top of your game even when you are faced with an overload of work.

Limit Distraction

While working from home, there are series of distractions. Distractions from social media, TV or even family members can limit your productivity. So before the distraction hinders your productivity, you should avoid it. And how do you limit distraction? 

  • If you are not working with your phone, then put it on silent and place it on the table face down. Ensure it is face down because if it is faced up, you might be tempted to check the notifications that pops up on your phone.
  • Work in a place where you do not have access to TV so that you will not be tempted to watch your favorite show.
  • Have a clean and organized work table. If your work table is scattered, there is a possibility that you will see something to play with and this will distract you.

Have a Clear Morning Routine

Another way to be productive as a remote worker is to have a clear morning routine. The fact that you do not have to leave the house to work does not mean you should sleep in. Ensure you wake up at the same time you would have woken up if you are going to work. This will give you the chance to do your chores or other home responsibilities before starting work. It means you will be able to stick to the schedule you have created. If possible, you can dress up as if you are going to work. This puts you in an office mood and helps you to be more productive as a remote worker.

Set Out a Workspace

Having a workspace is another tip to being productive as a remote worker. This helps you to set boundaries at home. You do not have to go for something fancy, just a table, chair and electricity outlet where you can charge your gadgets. If you have enough room at home, then you can dedicate a room to that. But if not, you can demacate a portion of your room or living room to be your workspace. However, ensure the location is where your family members will not disturb you when you are working or in a meeting. Setting out a workspace does not only keep you away from every form of distraction, but it also helps you to stay focused on your schedule.

Communicate more

Using communication channels such as slack, zoom effectively is another way to be productive as a remote worker. Because everyone is not seeing each other face to face there might be a bit of difficulty communicating. But thanks to these communication channels, it is now easier to communicate while working remotely. Ensure you communicate with your team members and manager more than ever before. While working remotely there is nothing as over communicate, you need to communicate every time. Communicating more helps you keep in touch with the flow of work and boost your productivity as well.


Now that you are working from home, you can spare some time to learn new skills or upgrade old skills. The time you would have used while commuting can be used for this. The truth is that the world is evolving and there are different things trending day-by-day. Therefore, to remain relevant in your chosen career field, you should always upgrade your skills. And working from home has given you the opportunity to do this. Upskilling does not only help you learn new skills, but it also boosts your productivity while working from home.

Exercise and Eat Healthy

Another way to be productive as a remote worker is by exercising and eating healthy. Because you are working from home, there is every tendency that you might not have an active life. However, to keep yourself healthy, you need to have an active life. So, you should keep yourself active by engaging in exercise everyday. The time for the exercise is something you would have drawn out when creating your daily schedule. Yet it is not enough to exercise, you have to eat healthy as well. Avoid eating junk all the time just because you are working from home. Always remember that when you live healthy, you will be more productive.

Final Thoughts

No doubt working remotely can be a bit challenging than working on-site. This is because most people struggle with productivity. However, we have talked about how you can be productive as a remote worker. And if you are able to follow the tips in this article, you are sure to boost your productivity.


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