Common Job Interview Mistakes Job Seekers Make

There are lots of common job interview mistakes that most job seekers make at an interview. Receiving an interview invite after job applications is not an easy feat. Getting invited out of the multitude that applied always boosts the job seeker’s confidence. However, most often blow off their chances at the interview because of common mistakes that could have been avoided. In this article, we will list some common interview mistakes and how job seekers can avoid them.

Common Interview Mistakes and How to avoid them.

Before you go for an interview, you need to know that you will be judged on anything. Therefore, you must be conscious of your act and conduct. Thus, here is the list of common interview mistakes and how you can avoid them.

●      Giving too much Information about your Personal Life

The first question often asked during job interviews is; “Tell us about yourself”. And most job seekers tend to ramble and start giving unnecessary information about their personal life. It’s like they misquote the question as “Tell us about your life”. When an interviewer asks you to tell them about yourself, they want to know your experience relevant to the job role.

So to avoid this mistake, do not ramble when asked this question. And do not delve into your personal life story. Talk about your skills and experience that are relevant to the job role.

●      Badmouthing your Previous Employer

If you are changing jobs, you will be asked for the reason why you are changing jobs during the interview. And some interviewees may make the mistake of using that moment to vent about how bad their previous employer was. This is a major mistake that could cost you the job opportunity.

How do you avoid this mistake: You simply answer the question by saying you are looking to grow in your career. This way you are not badmouthing your current/previous employer.

●      Asking about Salary

Another mistake job seekers make during an interview is asking about salary. This could be a major turn-off to the interviewer. And they might think you are only interested in the pay and not the job itself.

How do you avoid this: Make sure you wait for the employer to talk about salary first before saying anything about pay. Read our article on salary negotiation hacks here to know how to answer salary-related questions.

●      Inappropriate Conduct

Generally, inappropriate conduct is bad. So any inappropriate conduct during the interview can affect you. Some applicants are always rude to the receptionist or secretary of an organization because they feel they are above them. Some even go as far as flirting with receptionists. You should avoid this huge mistake.

How do you avoid the mistake: Focus on what you went to the company to do – the interview. Be courteous to everyone you meet at the venue, whether the CEO, your fellow applicant, or the cleaner. You never know who is watching you.

●      Not Asking Questions or Asking Wrong Questions.

After every interview, you will be asked whether you have questions for them. Some job seekers always make the mistake of saying they do not have questions. And some that have questions are asking the wrong questions. These job interview mistakes are often common, especially among fresh graduates. The truth is the interviewer expects you to research their company if you are interested in working with them. And there is no way you will research and not have questions. So, if you are saying you don’t have questions, they might interpret it to mean you have no interest in working with them.

Another mistake you can make is asking irrelevant questions; this is a major turn-off to the interviewers. So you should ask relevant questions.

●      Inappropriate Dressing

.Dressing matters a lot when you are going for an interview. You should dress appropriately and neatly. Read the guidelines for dressing for interviews here.

●      Not Bringing your Resume

Yes, we know you submitted a copy of your resume when you were applying for the job. But, there are times the interviewer will ask for another copy during the interview. And some job seekers often make the mistake of not taking a copy along with them.

You can avoid this mistake by taking two or more copies of your resume along with you. The interviewer might just want you to read out a part of the resume and explain further. And if you do not have another copy with you, then you will appear as being unserious.

●      Appearing Uninterested or Being Distracted

One of the mistakes job seekers makes that drives interviewers crazy is when you appear uninterested. They have a lot of people to interview and if you appear uninterested then they might also lose interest in hiring you. So make sure you show interest in their company by engaging them during the interview.

Besides, some applicants lose focus during the interview. It is normal to lose focus once in a while but not at an interview. If you notice you are losing focus, just take a deep breath and maintain focus. However, you should avoid the mistake of distraction as well. Some people get distracted by messages or calls on their phones during the interview. To avoid distraction, switch off your phone or put it on don’t disturb mode and drop it in your bag or car. You can always go back to your phone after the interview.

●      Not following up on the interview.

Most job seekers just forget about the interview once they are done. And sometimes, interviewers might forget about you immediately you step out of the interview. Especially if you did not impress them, that might be the end of that process.

However, you can avoid this mistake. One of the questions you should ask after an interview is what next? Then you should send a thank you mail to the interviewer to work your name in their mind. Who knows you might be lucky to get to the next stage or even the job offer.


So here are the common interview mistakes that most job seekers make. Now that we have given you tips on how to avoid these mistakes. We hope you will steer clear of them in your next interview.


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