How to Use Social Media to Leverage Job Search in Nigeria.

Job search in Nigeria is becoming more complicated and social media platforms can make it easier. Gone are the days when social media platforms are just for photos, videos, and making new friends. In recent times, it is used for so much more. Some people earn millions of naira through social media. Not that they are selling anything but, they give out value to others. And you as a fresh graduate or youth corp member in search of jobs can use it to leverage job search.

Before we go into how you can use social media for a job search in Nigeria, here are a few social media platforms that you can use;


LinkedIn is probably the most important social media platform every job seeker should have. There are professionals from diverse fields and industries on this platform; that might be the reason why most recruiters go through LinkedIn for recruitment. 

Having a captivating and compelling profile on LinkedIn will go a long way in helping you land your dream job. Your profile should contain a smiling picture, summary, work experience, and skills you possess.


Facebook may seem like an informal platform compared to LinkedIn. But the type of connections and friends you make determines the information you will see. Job seekers should follow professionals in their industry, and they will be getting news – sometimes job posts they need to scale up.


Twitter is an informal platform but, we cannot underestimate its power in leveraging job search in Nigeria. There are a lot of people that have landed their dream job through this platform. All you need to do is have a captivating picture and bio, link your CV to your bio.

Tips on How to Use Social Media for Job Search in Nigeria 

Creating or having a social media account is not enough, you have to make yourself visible. There are thousands of job seekers which means there is fierce competition. And you need to be creative in building your online presence. Here are a few tips you can use to make yourself visible for jobs on social media.

  • Be Active:

The number one tip for making yourself known on social media is by being active. Regularly post content, engage with others by liking and commenting on people’s posts. Even though you do not need to keep all your posts professional, you have to be mindful of what you post or comment on. Always remember the saying, “the internet never forgets”.

  • Search for Jobs Regularly 

If you are job hunting and you are not searching for jobs regularly, we recommend that you start doing so. To search for jobs on LinkedIn, you can go to the job section where you will see various great opportunities. There are features such as filters that you can use for the specific job opportunities one you want. 

Searching for jobs on Twitter requires using hashtags, you can use #jobsinnigeria, #graduatejob, etc., to search. You can also be specific about the industry; #writingjobsinnigeria, #engineeringjobsinnigeria, and so on.

  • Join Communities/Groups

Groups on Facebook and LinkedIn are vital in building knowledge and networking. You can join various groups and communities related to your field/industry. Joining the groups will enable you to relate with like-minded people. And you will be able to get information concerning your industry. There are lots of professionals of different levels present in each group. So you can learn one or two things in the group and you can network as well. Job opportunities are shared on these groups, so it is a great avenue for job seekers to know about job vacancies. 

  • Engage in Vital Industry-related Discussions 

You can leverage social media platforms is by engaging in vital industry-related discussions. Engaging the posts of companies or individuals you want to impress is essential. Twitter allows you to choose topics you want to follow. So any post relating to such topics will be sent to your timeline, then you can comment or like the post.

You can also be on the lookout for debates in your industry. But before you engage in any debate, make sure you make research so you will impress. All your comment needs to be well articulated, not exude rudeness, and written in perfect English. Besides, you can share any industry-related articles to build your reputation in your field.

  • Be up-to-date with Industry-related news

You also can use it to know more about the companies in your industry. Follow their social media handles to get insights about the company. Doing this will help you know what project they are working on. And you can even get more insight into what is happening in the industry. The information you get can help you prepare well for interviews. However, be careful not to go overboard, because if you do you might come off as a stalker during your interview. 

  • Show your Personality 

Even though it is good that you maintain professionalism on social media, you should not go overboard. Show off your fun and humorous personality online (still keep it clean though). You should show you are an interesting person to work with and you are likable. This is because recruiters do not want to hire employees that will make others uncomfortable in the office. You might focus on professionalism on LinkedIn, but show a bit of life outside job on Twitter and Facebook. That way, you will come off as an all-around person.

  • Keep your Social Media Updated

You need to keep your social media profiles updated to maximize their use for job searches. Ensure that your contact information, professional achievements, etc., are up-to-date and accurate. All your post should be public and make sure it shows your current profession.

There is a space where you can list your skills on LinkedIn. But you can also attract recruiters by projecting your expertise with each post you make on social media.

Final Thought

Social media platforms provide an avenue where everyone can showcase themselves. And as a job seeker, you can leverage these platforms to land your dream job. Always remember to keep your social media platform clean so as not to sabotage yourself.


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