How to Get Your Dream Job!

Perhaps you're looking to get your dream job! Here are insider tips that everyone should know when job hunting so you can get your dream job!

Insider Look: How to Get Your Dream Job!

You’ve finally decided to look for a job. Perhaps you’re looking to get your dream job because your current job isn’t working out, or maybe you’re just ready to try something new. Either way, you now have the daunting task of finding a new position.

Job hunting can be frustrating. It might seem like you have tried all the strategies you know, but it is not working out. In fact, job hunting can be a full-time job on its own. But, when you approach job hunting more smartly, it can guarantee you success.

There’s a lot of advice out there on how to write your resume and cover letter, what types of jobs to apply for, and even how to ace an interview. But there are some things that everyone should know when job hunting so you can get your dream job!

No matter how talented a person may be, success is impossible without persistence and the willingness to work hard. This is especially true when it comes to job hunting and if you want to get your dream job. There are no overnight successes anyway – it’s a long-term game. But these are additional tips on how to get your dream job.

Network online

It is good that you are searching for jobs online, but it is also better if you network online. Most companies do not advertise their vacant position. You can only get to know them through networking. So, you need to interact and communicate with others. Ensure that as you are searching for jobs online on one side, you are also telling your network about your job search on another side.

Knowing someone on the inside is also a plus when job hunting; this can give you an edge over other applicants. Although you need to have the required skill and knowledge. However, a good word from someone on the inside might guarantee your successful application. 

Gain experience and make it known

Lack of experience is part of the reasons why recruiters reject some applications. Most companies want candidates that are already in the know-how of how things are done in the industry. Hiring candidates that have experience will reduce the training period. So they go for applicants with experience. You can gather experience by volunteering in organizations in your field. Another way to gain experience is through an internship. As you are gathering all these experiences, note them on your LinkedIn profile and in your resume. Noting them will boost your chances of being hired the next time you apply.

Optimize your social media

Craft your social media profiles in a way that will show that you are skilled and competent in your field. 

In addition, make sure you optimize your LinkedIn profile as well. Your LinkedIn profile stands as your online resume. Throw in keywords that will make your profile visible to recruiters. Make sure that the information on your LinkedIn is in correspondence with the one on your resume. Having contradicting information might disqualify you during the recruitment process.

You can also reach out to your mentor or your past employer to give you a recommendation. Another person vouching for you is an excellent way of showing that you have the skills, knowledge, and ethics in your field. This can make you easily noticed by recruiters and hiring managers.

Keep your resume updated and precise

There is a generally believed notion that your resume cannot get you a job. While this might be partially true, it is essential to note that a bad resume can ruin your chance of being invited for an interview. Thus, make sure you organize and update your resume. In addition, ensure that your resume is short and precise. Most recruiters don’t spend much time on a resume; they spend about 6 seconds reading it. So keep your resume to one page. Let your resume capture the recruiter’s attention at one glance. Also, check your resume for wrong spellings. Any mistake on your resume can send your application into a trash bin.

Avoid using embarrassing emails

Using an embarrassing email such as will send your application straight into a trash bin. Unfortunately, recruiters disqualify a lot of applicants because of their unprofessional email addresses. So you need to avoid that mistake. Also, when you are looking for a career change, don’t use the email address in your current domain. It reduces your chance of being hired. 

Keep in mind that there are other applicants trying to get your dream job

For a job you are applying for, many other applicants are applying for that same job. It means you cannot afford to apply for a job without putting effort and energy into it. So, make sure that you love the position you want to apply for; this is because if you don’t have passion for that position, you might find it difficult to tailor your resume and application in a way that will make you stand out.

Do not apply in a rush

The moment most candidates see an advert about a job opening; they rush to submit applications. You should avoid doing this. Make sure you read the job description thoroughly and check whether you have the skills and competency needed for the job. Take your time to craft a catchy cover letter, and tailor your resume to fit into the role. This action will make your application stand out and give you a higher chance of being hired. 

Ask for feedback after an interview

Even if you are rejected, you should ask your interviewers for feedback. It shows that you are professional and you have a growth mindset. Interviews can be overwhelming, and you might not notice the mistake you made during the interview. Asking for feedback from your interviewer that observed and evaluate you can serve as a means of personal development. It helps you gain more insight about an interview and helps you improve yourself. The feedback will help you prepare for your next interview.

Besides, asking for feedback after the interview helps you connect with your recruiter. It can expand your network and create additional opportunities. The interviewer might even recommend other positions or other companies to you when you connect with them outside the recruitment process.

Conclusion: How to get your dream job

Doing the same thing the same way will yield the same result. If you notice that you are not getting feedback from recruiters, change your application method. You need to follow the tips mentioned in this article to set you apart from other candidates and boost your chance of being hired.


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